My new Newspaper

Spoiler alert: It is Twitter!

In last 3-4 years, I have flirted on and off with Twitter. To me, it was like a micro-blogging site where I can share my thoughts, activities with anyone who is following me. I would start reading everything on my feed, get bored and then stop. During last month, when I was going through some online news article, it had cited a lot of tweets as its references. The idea of using tweets as the primary source of journalism really motivated me to start using my Twitter handle again.

I have been fan of newspapers since ages. I read newspaper almost daily (whenever I can find one). The printed news is almost always corroborated and accurate. Since it is in printed format, editors/publishers take extra care to publish credible news because anything incorrect/biased can come back to haunt them in the name of a “defamation” lawsuit. So all in all, newspaper was a comprehensive and credible source of journalism in my opinion. Plus, no one is shouting like they do on T.V. channels. In newspaper, you can decide what you want to read and focus on.

The only drawback of newspaper: it is slooooooooooow! So much happens in a day, that by the time it is printed in the newspapers, it becomes old news. Even when we are asleep, there is something happening in the world and the news of it is coming out through one medium or the other. The newspapers simple cannot stay updated with every little thing happening around the world in real time. T.V. channels do a commendable job of bringing every news update to their viewers instantly but, in my opinion, sitting in front of a t.v. channel all day to stay updated is really infeasible and sub-optimal solution.

Twitter really offered me the best of everything. It is fast and credible (if you follow the right sources). Plus, you can give your instant reactions to the news and it reaches the concerned person immediately. Since the tweets have character limit, only the crux of the articles (along with the web link to it) is shared by the journalists. This quantize the news into little nuggets of information rather than lengthy articles as found in the newspapers. Twitter, to me, is like a quick and regularly updated newspaper of the 21stcentury! Super-convenient! 

Why the recent attraction? Earlier, I had subscribed to almost everyone- cricketers, actors, politicians, anyone who was famous. As a result, my twitter feed was filled with random tweets without any consistency in it. I started the transformation of my Twitter handle by un-following everyone (yes, every single person). After that, I followed only those people/twitter handles which would keep me updated about the happenings around the world. Also a few photographers (I am slave to this visual art :-P) about whom I wanted to stay updated about.

The result being my feed is now more consistent and readable. I get regular updates and every little piece of information that is of some importance, almost immediately. It is like having a newspaper curated to your needs, which is capable of updating every few seconds. Trust me, it is incredible!

So, if you are like me, who find Twitter to be randomly organized and largely cluttered, perhaps you can try my way of starting from scratch. By carefully selecting whom you want to subscribe and curating your twitter feed to your needs. In most cases, you might only require 10-20 subscriptions to get everything you need in the most organized way.

Happy tweeting!

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