When Ants Ate My Maggi!

So in 7th standard…my final exams were going on. That particular day, it was my Maths paper and after surviving a grueling “after-paper-discussion-session” mistake free, I was pretty satisfied with my effort for the day! Even though next day it is mother of all examinations- History! I decided to feast by myself! Maggi! The instant classic choice immediately sprung up in my head and with it a crooked smile. Not 1(who eats one at a time, Pff!), not 2(it is a special day after all 😀 ) but 3 packs today! There is no one to stop me after all! (Evil laughter every now and then!)

So I got into the act; pot carefully selected- not too big that it makes eating from it difficult, not too​ small that Maggi sticks to bottom. Water carefully measured with my trusty tea-cup! Enough to make the “Soupy” version but not too much that every thing is floating! Now comes the big question- Maggi first or Masala first! Now the problem here is that even though instructions behind packet tells you to add them together, but for all practical purposes you need to pick your favorite and  “swaha” it in water. But then if you make noodles enter first, then pour in masala, there will be masala lumps stuck in noodles! If you make masala go in first and then put noodles, there is a chance that masala might get over cooked, leading to a tasteless Maggi! Ah what dilemma! How a 7-grader was supposed to know the enigmatic concepts of entropy and diffusion! But some how practical results trump theoretical explanations and their intricate applications! So going by the thumb rule(as most Indians go by), I intelligently poured in Masala first one by one, as quickly as I could! All that is left is to cook it!

Now there are different ways to go about it! You can either stir it constantly, evenly mixing everything and evenly spacing noodles in your pot. Or you can leave the cake as it is and have nice rectangular chunk of noodles, just like in Lasangna(A western dish with alternate layers of noodles and gravy). Or you can do a semi-stir, and get best of both worlds! Hahahaha! Greedy Me! In those days, I used to go for Semi Stir, and then let the steam do its job! These days I am more like a Full Stir guy! Hahaha! Evil Laughter in my head! Thinking about a movie or t.v. serial to see while feasting on 3 packets of Maggi! Those were the days when Byomkesh Bakshi and a Prem Chand Written T.V. Serial used to air on Doordarshan! I glanced the wall clock to see what is up for serving in next 15 minutes…..Byomkesh Bakshi! My favorite detective!!! (I aint a Sherlock Guy!) That is that! Planned for next one hour!

I take a quick look inside the pot, thinking how I will wipe it clean as Byomkesh Bakshi solves the crime! Already drooling at the sheer amount of Maggi at my disposal, all for me! I feel like a Greedy King sitting in his treasury, tossing his money around with both hands! Now while I was day dreaming about my pot of Maggi, I realized that I have let it boil for too long and now I will have to wait for a while before I can dig in! So I covered it with quarter plate, placed the ladle aside and went on to switch TV on, making a mental note that I will fetch my pot as soon as first round of advertisement starts! So I arranged a small stool in front of my comfy little chair placed at a correct distance from ceiling fan and in front of TV that if some one walks in, I don’t get scolded for either sitting too close to TV or for getting drenched in sweat after a long bout of Maggi! (I am little particular about things!)

And then the mother of all the heart breaks begun- Show started on time. Spicy murder mystery! First advertisements were rolled out and I ran towards kitchen at god speed so that not  even a single moment of murder mystery is left unseen! I removed the hot quarter plate, only to find ants crawling all over my Maggi! I swear to god, first heart break and a painful one! 😦 That was the moment when I was able to justify the heinous crime of burning ant hills with magnifying glass! -_- Was I crying? No! But I learned that complaining won’t get you anything! You just need to move on and go to next best thing you can do, which in my case, was eating Namkeen and bid my sincere adieu to the Maggi hijacked by tiny Ants! Also learned that never to imagine about something so much that it hurts later on!

This is my Maggi story(there are a lot more such as fight with siblings over securing a fair share for yourself, or sneaking in night to make Maggi, or may be a unique way or step in your Maggi preparation and reason behind it(I have this 60 second step, I need to perform compulsorily 😛 )!). If you get time, I would love to hear yours! There is sweet nostalgia attached with it!

Happy Eating!


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