Let Education Be Education!

So…results are out, breaking news are being flashed, interviews are being done and sentimental background stories are getting compiled! But wait a minute- Am I talking about an athlete or celebrity who struggled through hardships to do well and make India proud on international stage or the results of JEE-Advance are out? Difference is almost non-existent, right! And in a few days from this article, another field will be going through same roller coaster ride. So what is this article about? Is it about pressure on students grilling day and night to score good marks…..Hell no, because there is nothing wrong in hard work! So what am I try to imply with such a thought provoking title “Let Education be Education”- probably the fact that most of us have truly forgotten what education was supposed to mean! The basic question of “What, Why, How, When, Where” are long lost and no one, especially in these factories (coaching institutes) churning out doctors and engineers by the second, are doing anything for their revival!

I studied in one of these factories, blind like everyone else in the starting, lost my way in the end. I somehow managed to crack through entrance exam of one of the most sought after institution in India, lost my way again and now I am about to graduate, finally with a clear path ahead. That being said, I recently had a chance of observing the Great Indian Results Drama! There was this exam which almost 1.5L students appeared for. Some students achieved a good rank because of their effort. Some achieved a good rank, well because they were born in certain special circumstances! (The debate about reservation if for some other day!) Then students who scored well were celebrated as heroes and heroins of some Bollywood Movie. Processions were carried out, they were honored with garland and tilak, a ceremony so grand that even Knighthood Ceremony of UK would get a tinge of inferiority complex! (Exaggerated, I agree). What about those who did not score well? Simple, Villains for their family and society! (To be clear here, I never allowed my coaching institute to publish my photo because I am strictly against such publicity!)

Let us take a step back and see what are we doing- There are students, still teenagers, treating them like Kings and Princes, giving them “God Complex” too early to handle! We then introduce them to dogma that a particular branch is the “only” good branch (just after observing short term benefits!) and not encouraging them to pursue their interests! What happens next? These students get complacent at the worst possible time of their career and screw up at a place where they should be excelling with flying color. So congrats “factories” for screwing up most of the engineering generation! Kudos! Complacency + God Complex + Freedom of college life = Disaster in most cases! (I was one of them!) End result is a generation of engineers without any perspective or vision for their future!

Coming back to these “factories”- buildings are proudly labeled as “coaching institutes” and people working inside those buildings, especially those who interact with students are “coaches”. Mind You, not “School and Teachers”! Funny isn’t it! End result, you don’t get “education” from teachers, instead you get “instruction” from coaches! As emphasized in a great movie “3 Idiots”- “Chabuk ke darr se sikhaye huye sher ko Well Trained kehte hai, Well Educated Nahi”.ย  We are getting a supply of “Well Trained” students and not “Well-Educated”. Is it purely the fault of these “factories”? Well is corruption purely because the officers are corrupt, No, right! What I believe is that, it is the right time for “Coaches” to turn into “teachers” and give their students some perspective about life and subjects! Work hard to inculcate the passion of “finding” an answer rather than “solving” a problem! Decide for yourself! What do you want- instruction or education?

But then, who is going to listen to me! It is not like parents will stop submitting their “raw materials” to these “factories”. I am not totally against these factories. They give you a chance to sit in premier institutes of country, make you hard working, competitive and quick-thinker! What they lack is inculcating a perspective, a vision in their students. May be a lot of practical problems like suicide and depression may get solved on their own with a little change in atmosphere. I don’t mean to hurt anyone. But I believe that somewhere someone will appreciate my thought, and life of couple of students will change because of that!

Let Education be Education!



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