Ubuntu-An Approach to explaining Linux

Now I agree, there are a ton of Linux review from different point of views, and everything to know about Linux is already out there and it isn’t an exhaustive approach at reviewing Linux, or Ubuntu for that matter. Still since I have been spending my entire day on a Ubuntu (Linux Distro) and have been an ardent Windows User and Fan since the inception of computing in my life, here is my take on the same, which is essentially some questions and some USPs. So here it goes:

Why Ubuntu?

Well, there have been plenty of Linux based operating system such as Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Kali, MintOS, Fedora etc. All having either subtle differences in their Graphic User Interface(GUI) or in their build, being developed for different purposes such as software testing, Scientific calculation etc. Each distro(a cool techie name for OS) may have its own app-eco system or will have support for an existing eco-system and repositories. So where does Ubuntu stands out in this? Well, It is the largest and most used Linux based OS and has developed a good community of users, who have solution for almost every and any problem there can be with you installation of Ubuntu. (Problems? I will get to that in a later part of this post) It has a good Software Support system and gives a homely feel to users switching from Windows and MacOS and is not at all shabby, when it comes to performance and above everything else, It is 100% Free! You dont have purchase a 50-100k machine to have Ubuntu pre-installed in it, like for Windows or MacOS. It is free and anybody can use it, on any system configuration just like other Linux OSes.

What about various software readily available for Windows or MacOS? I will be missing out on a lot of things by switching to Ubuntu!! 

My Friend, let me tell you an analytical solution. How many users in this world want a free software to meet their purpose? A big portion, Right! So in order to cater to such a big chunk of users in favour of free software, Linux-Developers as well as developers of software-solutions have started paying attention to the power of Linux and thus have either made the same product available on Linux OS as well or have a developed a noteworthy substitute of the existing software already available for Windows or MacOS.

Apart from that, Ubuntu(from now on, I will generalised to Linux OSes by referring to Ubuntu) is so flexible that developers have developed couple of note worthy  emulators to run Windows applications and games on your PC such as PlayOnLinux and Wine! There may be a bit of performance drop, since you are running these software in a virtual environment but still, you can get your job done!

Oh Great! But I have heard that only people with very good knowledge about Computers feel comfortable about Ubuntu. I don’t have such a background. I will get stuck with it!

I seriously doubt that. I mean, let’s take example of Windows. There are problems in any Operating system, right. In Windows, if you see an error, 8/10 times you won’t be able to even sniff what type of error it is and trust me more often than not, these errors are common and can be fixed with a couple commands typed in Command Prompt of Windows, and there are plenty of solutions available on internet (except in case your Internet itself isnt working 😛 ) Jokes Apart, all kinds of solution are available for any kind of problem that occurs in your PC, but problem with Windows is, it hides those problems, and hence either User (without being able to pinpoint problem and trying random solutions) end up freezing their Windows copy, or make it un-usable, or have to pay to someone to get their PC fixed.

This is where story changes with Ubuntu!! Till now, every time I have encountered any error, Just by Googling the same error phrase has directed me straight to a series of solution which requires a couple of lines of copy-paste. The Linux User community, especially for Ubuntu, is so well developed that you will really have to struggle to find a problem with your PC which already doesn’t have an explanation as well as solution for it. Cool! 😀

How do I get “setups” to install applications?

Setups are a thing of past when it comes to modern day computing! Ubuntu has such a wide app-system and a dedicated application which comes pre-installed to find all the apps you would need and download them from authentic sources and install them for you, and configure them to your PC. All this done in background either by few clicks of mouse or a simple command typed in Terminal(User-Machine Interface). Since all the software can be downloaded from trusted source, there are minimal risk of getting infected by Virus or malware and thus your PC is relatively safe without any need of anti-virus solution. Another perk 😉

But Ubuntu isn’t hardware Optimised! How will it compete with likes of MacOS, who are founded around the idea of “Hardware Optimisation”?

That is the beauty about Linux based software is!! They don’t need to be hardware optimised. They are so light weight in operation that even a HDD works almost like a SSD on my mediocre spec PC! And above that all, who needs optimisation, when I have the power to push my PC to limits, which is being restricted by Windows and MacOS. Let the beast run wild for a while! Trust me, if you have an old PC, you are going to feel like some one has updated its internals and breathed a new life into it! Just trust me!  😀

My Experience:

I have been using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for last 1 month, and I am a big fan. With a working internet connection( which is available to almost everyone who has a laptop these days), you can do wonders with it. I am a 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering student, and almost all the softwares I need are either developed for Linux OS only, or can be run using emulators which are quite easy to configure! Thanks to plethora of tutorials and blogs ready to guide you step by step. Apart from that, surfing through Internet, I have found a plenty of brilliant utility tools for Ubuntu, which are available for windows as well, but no offence, are more fun to be used on Ubuntu! It is that good! And oh, the best part, Internet speed is tiny bit higher on Ubuntu as it is not that resource hungry!



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