The Class that Never Happened!

Some classes are just beyond your reach! There may be unforeseen things like cold morning weather, dew, fog, stingy breeze, but “Hey! It is the starting of the semester! And is the first class…need to make a good start. Don’t we?” So we drag ourselves out of the heated affair with our ever so lovely 2-3 layers of blanket, forcefully put our hands under the icy cold water drew blood farthest from your skin, almost causing your hands to fall off, and don’t even get me started on other morning rituals…yeah, that particular one!

And after all this loyalty that we show, for a class we know won’t be too much of a use because it will be introductory in nature, the only treat we got was a class bunked by professor, about which he could have informed by a simple 3 line mail….us, students, are very good in following instructions, word-by-word, at times! But none the less, all this was for a class that never happened!


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