Old School of Ink Spill

In a student’s life time, there is always that one pen, which kind of leaks every time and at very wrong moments. Be it early morning, Ink Refill session, while trying to make it to school bus in time, or in the middle of writing an essay during an essay writing competition! There were all sorts of trouble attached with that ink pen! But when I look back, I see it as one of the first few lessons in crisis management. šŸ™‚ Weird isn’t it, that how a trivial thing like ink pen can teach someone to solve a big ass crisis.

  1. Always predict beforeĀ hand.

Will the ink last the whole day? Should I go for a refill? What if pen stops working? Since old day’s pen were not having some kind of indicator to predict the ink level, you would have to solely rely on your instinct and past experience of how much long will the cartridge last! A lesson not for ball point pen users, they see the whole refill thing right there, thus missing out on important things.

Thus Ink Pen taught us an important lesson of anticipating the problem even hours before it might occur and take steps to counter it or at least brace for it. Predicting product durability was another key concept taught to us by Ink Pens.

2. The Faster You React, More You Can Save

The moment you come to know about the Great Blue Leakage, what is the first thing you do? Pull away all the important pages and objects away from the range of disaster impact. Then pull away the least affected one, and so on, till the area of impact is clear from everything and trust me, you might have done this in under 20-30 seconds! Fast Enough! Something which is crux of any crisis containment and after-math reduction! Even in the middle of a mathematics session, you would fight the spillage with incredible speed and will and even before the teacher lay eyes on you, you would be done with it!

3. If you play with fire, there will be burn marks!

Even if you do everything with extreme caution, you will still have stain marks on your hands, tore pages at the back of notebook with ink blots on the remaining part of the page. A beautiful lesson of how to accept the losses and work with them! Nothing is perfect, yet we so brilliantly hid it from the world that we just had a tug with the most staining disaster in the world, but explained the whole adventure to our best friends, laying the important foundation of not sharing our losses with none but only with those who would understand.

So basically after covering Pro-Active, Quick Response, Compensating the Loss, that troublesome pen lost its race with time, and found some other kid to teach him/her the important life lessons. I still fashion writing with the ink pen, mainly due to Ā the vintage feel and texture of impression and its smell.

But Still, that Old School of Ink Spill still keeps me at an arm’s length from crisis.


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