So I have been 3 months away from this blog! I won’t share emotional things like, “these months have been very difficult for me” or that “I missed writing on this blog” or that “It feels so great to be back scribbling on it!”. Done with this melodrama! What important thing is, “The Blog is Back”. It has been 3 crazy months. Three though provoking months! Three transforming and morphing months! And a lot has gone through my mind! But I always saved it for later, mainly because of the connectivity issue: place where I was training was in middle of no where, and we were provided everything but an internet connection, let alone a fast moving one!

Yet, there were a lot crazy and interesting “point of views”, alternate realities and possibilities that crawled through my mind, or incidents that happened around me or with me, a lot of things that I felt or experienced! A LOT! So in my next semester I will be focusing more on those and I will hope that you will like it!  I took a lot of feedback from various people and you will also notice a different style of writing- a moderate take on the topic rather than bullying and attacking the unlikely side of the coin! Thus poking about both sides of the bush!

Thus, again a short post, but then with short post, I kick start this semester’s blogging spree(though posts will be spaced in between, controlling the impulse of churning out posts every day with mediocre content!). I hope you will enjoy this version of “Daily General Topics”!

Sayonara! 🙂


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