Things I Learnt Last Semester….

It was an eventful semester! No doubt in that. I was partly glad that it was over and some part of me craved for more action. May be because I was getting addicted to the things happening around me! All the shuffling of things, coping up with set-backs, fighting through grueling exams and making memories. As the new semester is about to start, I think it is the right time to write about what I have learned from the last semester:

  1. No excuse for Academics!Ultimate truth! For juniors, who might be reading this, “Never slack off in your acads! Never flunk even a single test! Its no different from your 11th and 12th preparations!” People often console complaining teenagers that in college they wouldn’t have to study this much. As a result, most first year students end up throwing everything in the wind and start living carefree. For sure by the end of their college years, they realize the grave mistake they had committed by doing so! I hope I have realized it soon enough. The truth is, college education is just as fierce and competitive as Entrance exam preparations! The only thing that has changed is “complexity of concepts”.

2. World is Not mine, and I am not World’s!

On my very best day, destiny always have something else planned for me! World can throw weird and most joyous surprises in your way and little you can do about it. Instead of complaining about it all the time, I realized that this is not my world and I am not owned by this world! Last semester was filled with both horrific as well as memorable surprises and I am thankful for developing such a special view of things. Such experiences taught me that it is not the end the world even if you have hit the rock bottom! At any given time, you can choose to improve yourself or drown yourself in the puddle of disappointment, ultimately the choice will be yours! Not giving a shit about what world will think about you will keep you light headed!

3. There is always a happy ending!

No matter how gigantic the shit pile is, there will always be a happy ending to it. Sometimes, you will need the valuable help from others but there will always be there for you! I am stressing on it so much because a few things happened from which I couldn’t have recovered if people were not ready to help me. So always have a good company around you.

4. Tomorrow is now!

Don’t wait to learn something if you have the time to learn it right now. You might end up waiting for a long time to get another opportunity like this. Don’t be afraid that you won’t get enough free time. The more you work hard in your initial days, the easier life becomes later on. With such a fast paced world, the tomorrow is already here! Don’t miss out on opportunities! I wanted to learn Tabla, now I have to wait for more than 3 months to do that when I could have practiced a lot in these 3 months! Or all those software which I wanted to learn last semester, I have to invest time now, to start from scratch! Don’t be afraid of the hard work, do it smartly and you will be reaping gigantic benefits for yourself in future! Thus “Get off your ass and get to work! Always there will be enough hours in day, you just need to reshuffle!” 

5.  Making Memories doesn’t require planning! 

It doesn’t require an elaborate plan to make a moment worthy enough to etch it into your memory! One shouldn’t be too up tight to have every moment perfect so that it can be called memorable! Sometimes meeting people randomly, sharing a loud laugh with everyone can make it quite memorable! Thus from now on wards I have decided to throw caution to the wind and enjoy every moment in most weird possible way so that I have a story to share. Let us be honest, nobody is excited to hear about a well planned trip. Everyone will love to hear about your mis-planned adventures! 😀

These five things got etched to the bottom of my heart! I am sure they will contribute in making the next one even more better! 😀



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