That Small Decision….

Often we find ourselves in dire situations where one small decision taken for us or by us changes the course of our lives. It may make or break dreams, we may find or loose ourselves in it. We might love or hate some one for that ONE decision or even stay neutral. But at the end of the day we are left to deal with that decision in what so ever way we want to. The only constant thing left with us is that decision. What will be outcome of the decision, its after effects and everything related is left to us to deal with! As an open challenge! 

Whilst taking a decision, we may have the luxury of possible choice or sometimes we are left with no option but to take a particular decision, how so ever worse it may seem. Everything is relative in this world. Sometime we try to favor people deliberately, going out of our way while making a decision. Then there are those decisions taken deliberately to hinder the way of someone. Both equally power in altering a person’s life but then their effects can be in totally opposite. But is it possible to please everyone?

Certainly No! But then does it mean that there should be no consideration of its effect on other people’s life? People have different opinion here. There is wide spectrum between “Strictly No Consideration” to “Maximum Satisfaction“. I find myself sitting somewhere in the middle! I believe that decision should be Right in sense, keeping most of the people satisfied. There are always some trade-offs associated with every decision. Everybody will accept it. There is no perfect choice as long as we live in a World of Options. So weighing each option in as much detail as we can is the right way to go. 

Any of our decision may go a long way in changing someone else’s life. Thus even a small decision by us need to carefully thought and analyzed and then modified such that less people are affected by it in negative way but maximum stress should be on doing the right thing! That feeling of suffering because of someone else’s decision requires a lot of strength and courage and may even cause self destruction in some. Thus no decision small, none is easy. Sometimes there are choices available, sometimes there are no choices. But at the end of the day, whether to accept the decision or not , how we deal with the decision taken, how we take it in and process and react to it, how we deal with the after-math, how much we let it affect our lives, how much we let it affect ourselves, whether we let it change us or we be strong enough to endure it, Whether to accept it as God’s Grace or blame it on some one is ours to decide?– At the end of the day, these all decisions are ours to make!  But then I would suggest you to leave it all to the Almighty! There is enough hatred in the world anyway why increase it more on context of a small decision! 

Stay Calm, Stay Foolish, Stay Strong! 🙂


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