Every year soil of BITS-Pilani, Pilani Campus is graced by the presence of foreign students(nope not from other country but other colleges, and since Pilani is an ideal Hamlet, thus every outsider is equivalent to foreign student).

The fests in BITS are organised and celebrate with great enthusiasm and BITSIANs eagerly wait for each fest equally but reasons may differ! BOSM is welcomed for all the nail biting matches which students spectate almost on the cost of their lectures and teachers are grateful enough to agree to no to conduct any tests during BOSM week. OASIS need no explanation as class works are suspended for the entire fest duration and a day more(to bring students back to reality) and students are let loose in campus to experience something they haven’t before! Each OASIS has a different and unique memory attached to it! Then comes the APOGEE in mid march or in late February this time.

APOGEE is usually breather for students who get a stretch of holidays which most utilise to visit home and enjoy good food and warm bed (Pilani winters!) and only some utilise to participate in the events organised by different Assocs, exhibition by different clubs and Talks by departments! There are students who may utilise it for studying too as they tend to face less resistance from the existing cult of “cool people” who might taunt them with the taboo word rhyming with “got”. :3 Pun apart, APOGEE this year was a lot different than its previous versions!

Day 0: Inaug Ceremony and Mithali(followed by inaugration)  was good, there were performances by Mime club, Dance Club, Gurukul, Music Club etc. Right after Mithali, there was a late night movie screening of the movie “The Book Thief”. Fortunately, I had the person who has remembered this movie by heart, Saakshi! She told me about names of camera angles(which I obviously have forgotten 😛 ) Some memorized and important dialogue and all. We didn’t complete the movie and went back to sleep and wake up early for the events. Quiet a Quite day!

Day 1: 9:30am, I get call from Saakshi, GAMBLING MATHEMATICS. Half asleep I thought what is the harm in it. Running, skipping and leaping stairs, we reached to the venue, IPC where first round of it was going to be played. Rules were simple: Solve a question. Correct solution will give you points from -20 to +50 and wrong solution will give you -50 to +20! A gamble indeed and on our screen we had a pool of 50 questions out of which we have to select any 10 and answer those. Teams with highest points will proceed! With our luck and calculator, we amassed 151 points, before calling it quits on grounds of loosing further points! One of the top scoring teams, we proceeded to round 2. It was a rapid fire round with 5 rounds of question whose answers to be written on a card given. First round was horrible and was impossible! Rules were changed and further rounds were easy with a little teamwork. 2, 5, 4, 5, 4 were the scores out of 5.

There was a twist, at the end all the 25 teams were divided in groups of 6 and they had to play BLUFF with our numbered cards! (number on cards=marks of each card). Out of us too, I decided to play the game as I had a little more experience, and thus with a novice mistake from one of the participants, we passed that round to final round! Final round was auction round and we got out in the bidding round itself! We need to learn bidding! :3 It was super fun though! After that we proceeded to National Disaster Relief Force’s live demonstration of rescue from a high rise building, Clock tower and then back to our rooms. Later in night, attended one talk by Richard Stallman, founder of GNU project.

Day 2: I was sent Jaipur to escort Regional Director of Rajasthan, NSS, and after a 12 hour straight journey I was back in Pilani, spending time and learning from the Director himself in cab paid by institute! Later in night, we attended BITSopoly, a flavour of monopoly, but alas, couldn’t proceed beyond elims. Visited a couple of exhibitions by Photog and CrAC and had our jaws dropped witnessing the sheer talent of other BITSians, though I had never doubted them. 😀 Slept that night peacefully.

Day 3: Woke up a little late due to long journey (jetlag effect :3). Attended the Panel Discussion of YouthCon by our department, where Leaders from different NGOs, came and discussed about the challenges faced by them in the social sector and initiatives and methods they adopted to overcome them. Followed by that, attended one more exhibition by National Disaster Relief Force, where they show cased their equipment and detailed about the accuracy and functionality of each. Hats off to the Guys! Later in the evening, attended a talk by Mr. Jairam Ramesh, Member of Parliament from Indian National Congress and a well known economist too, who gave a brief overview of 1991 crisis faced by India. Also attended a talk by Radhika Vaz, feminist and stand up comedian, who tickled us with her bold and gripping speech and humour of course. Following which, we went to a “Goof Up” quiz, with Saakshi and Vishwesh. There, we were shown a movie clip, and we have to answer a question based on movie clip. It was fun surfing through net to get the correct answer! Thus ended the APOGEE and so ends my post! 😀

Auf Wiedersehen! (See you again in German)



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