Synthetic Beauty

Speed Writing! Half hour mark will be crossed in 6 mins and after that, I will try to write the entire blog in half hour, as personal test! Let us see how well I fare in this self test. Best of Luck To Me. I will be utilising these 6 minutes to think of content, get accustomed with the keyboard and monitor settings. Obviously, it will be a short blog as a regular blog takes up almost an hour or two of mine. The computer lab closes 5 minutes before 7pm, so to be honest I would have 25 mins+5mins to wrap up what I have invested my time in. 😀 Interesting. Thanks to WordPress’s auto save option, I wouldn’t have to worry about it, while I will be leaving! A minute to go. Fingers stretched, let us begin!

People often invest so much of their time and energy in cosmetics-both men and women. Even with such an investment and application of all the synthetic stuff out there in the market, they always try to move towards “natural” appearance! Ironic enough! I always wonder what “natural” appearance are they moving towards. Their own appearance is natural too. Applying so much cosmetic products won’t the change the elementary you. Then why to wear a mask for the world and either for those who care about you the least(like excessive parlour and skin treatments for some random party just to prove status symbol or to look “good”) or for those who care about you the most. One might argue about the sanctity of my statement about “those who cares about us the most”, that why is it so wrong! My point- if people care about you, they won’t care about some material appearance which is totally temporary!

Yes, I agree one must desire to look good for other people, because it presents you as like-able, attractive and approachable to others but over doing it is what frustrates me! People will spend hours thinking about what dress they will wear or to rephrase this question in more realistic and understandable way: what dress will look good to others which they will eventually wear? And then going through such dilemma and confusion as if it is the only thing that has remained in the world. I believe that one must find a balance between what they like to wear and is COMFORTABLE and what world MIGHT like. For example: In Indian subcontinent, temperature and humidity are usually high and attires like Formal suits, tight jeans, skin tight t shirts etc. are might prove a really bad investment. Dhoti, kurta, pyjama, lungi, etc. loose clothes are more in line with the Indian flavours! But still we blindly follow the traditions. Occasional covering is okay, but stressing about it daily makes no sense!

There are numerous instances when people have gone under the knife to get some physical characteristic altered into some desire shape or proportion, only to be dazzled by it in beginning, fascinated about their heroic adventure, going against the nature. Most of the cases, have asked for a reversal of these alterations because after sometime, when they fail to recognise themselves, they seek their old self back because they understand the beauty of it. Sometimes they get the reversal done, again costing them a fortune, rest stuck with what they are. What I am trying to point to is: Embrace the natural beauty. God has created every being beautiful and powerful in its own way. Why not identify it and flaunt it with confidence!

Synthetic Beauty is more repulsive than attractive when the long run is considered. People might get attracted or momentarily feel happy after the cosmetic colouring, but everyone sees through everything eventually and then there is no point in hiding behind that powdery-creamy-lotiony(I have no idea whether it is a word or not! 😀 but it rhymed) mask! We all have come back from a party and gossiped about everyone who has done excessive make up and others do the same about us too. Hence what is the point in investing so much effort. One must work on their natural beauty and flaunt it with confidence rather than feeling low or insecure about it. We all agree that yester-era actresses were real beauty as compared to today’s cosmetic avatars and I thus rest my case here! 

Thus embrace your natural self, enjoy your surrounding while you are yourself and not someone made on the whims of world, be original you as you are the only one of your kind. Live free and Live Long!

24Mins 😀


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