Morning Hours

My last post took almost 6 days from top-to-bottom! Clearly something was wrong with my schedule that needed to be rectified! Earlier I used to write at the end of day, sitting comfortably in my room, slowly and steadily completing each composition, taking my time. This way I don’t have to worry about time and could go on writing as long as I can. But last blog post published some astonishing results.

I decided to switch to morning writings, 9-10 am mainly, because it is a free hour on all days except Friday, but that is manageable. Starting a day with creating something positive, creating something from nothing, always charges up the body-both physically and mentally. Fills you with a different energy from regular mornings. Makes every morning memorable-that you have created something! A feeling of pleasure :3 Also sitting down early in morning, trying to  brain storm something positive helps to set the tone of the day. 

Always elders have pointed out that: “Early risers get ahead in game”. Getting up early and writing something is more strong motivation than getting up early and studying, I mean at least for a normal student like me. Yet, waking up early and activating brain cells to work hard from the moment alarm rings; helps in strong energy flow throughout the body and slowly and steadily entire body wakes up and before you know, you are already working at your 70-80%! A little exercise or yoga is like cherry on the top! But I am yet to walk on that road. Although I have made it a habit to cycle fast!

Writing in morning mean, I get to sleep early in night, implies more sleep time and also easier waking up too! Hence changing the position of just one activity brought the entire schedule to somewhat optimal level. Waking up early in morning is easier when we have slept enough and also with habit, one does not feel the need of alarm clock too. Hence no unpleasant sounds in morning and one wakes up to the noise of chirping birds sound and rays of sun. The feeling is super, trust me!

Remember, how our daily schedule was more than optimum during school days! So much we were able to do in 24 hours. Study 5-7 subject, complete homework, play, practice some hobby, hangout with friends, sleep, watch tv too( I was a big cartoon network and Hungama fan. 😀 Shinchan, Kochikame and Beyblade, Tom & Jerry were my opium 😉 ), spend time with family members too. Complete Optimisation. Most of us fail to do even half of it now! Just because we lose precious morning hours which we used to get during school hours, thanks to our Super-Moms! B-) Salute!

Developing a new habit takes time. It takes more of mental strength to stick to that habit than physical tuning! People are very enthusiastic while embarking on the journey of new habit or hobby but then lose the motivation, mainly due to impatience. Our mind always wants to do things easy way with a few exceptions of course. Thus every time you find something good, it seems difficult to our mind and immediately he will pose numerous obstacles, conquering them is the biggest challenge while developing some new habit. This usually is not the case with the bad habits. One can easily acquire bad habits without much effort! He just has to surrender to the whim.

Thus, I will be trying to incorporate “Early Rising” practice in my schedule and hopefully with time it will become a good habit. Thus you can expect more morning posts from now onwards. Trust me, it is such a wonderful experience to write in morning with all the peace and calm around. Fingers crossed! 😀 

Buenos días (Good Morning in Spanish 🙂 )



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