Person Next To Me

Before diving into the world of words and the purpose of this blog post, let me allow the setting I am in. I am in IPC(Information Processing Centre), which has really high speed network facilities and students usually utilize it for doing online courses, practice for their lab assignments or may be just HD streaming of youtube. There are various uses open to everyone’s imagination! I was here to study too, but then I got this idea about an assignment I have in one of the courses I am enrolled in: Describe a person! So I thought, what place better than IPC, where everybody is busy in their work and I can quietly observe and write about people without them knowing. Evil! 😀

Let me start with basic information I can observe of the person next to me. She is a girl, sitting on my left. Wears a thick lens spects, probably studious in nature, an open notebook on which she is scribbling something very quickly, suggests the same thing. Black hair with a tinge of brown color tied tight is suggestive of two things: busy schedule and takes her work seriously or have deep grass root and prefers Indian style or may be both! Of course there may be other plausible explanations too. Fair in colour, and has focused eyes. The way she focuses her eyes on screen and stares while blinking slowly might confirm my “studious theory”.

Worn off nail paints might suggest that either she is busy with studies and didn’t get the time to repaint, or she is not bothered too much by rules and regulation of fashion world! She is average in height, her chair position and sitting posture clearly asserts this theory. She is sitting with a slightly forward inclination, again portrays inquisitive nature or may wrong posture due to studying in bed more or lying. She types fast both on keyboard and phone. Her replying speed for couple of messages was indicative of it.

She constantly have one or both hand touching her chin. May be a by product of coaching institute where students spend hours in lectures, attendance more than 100-150! Such long hours automatically develop such habits. Or may be something “awestruck” is on display in front of her. We would never know! She doesn’t like moving her chair much (which I love swinging round and round if given the liberty 😀 ). Such stability might be result of stable personality and self restraint or may be general disliking for rotating chair. All interpretation are possible. Hasnt written or typed something in a while, probably fell prey to youtube and high speed internet and we might have to discard the “self restraint” part of “stable and self restraint” theory.

Never leaned back on her chair projects the urge to stay attentive and hard-working nature. She looked here once. I was lucky to have been observing her from the side of my eyes! Phew! close call! Here quick scribbling speed and now indulging in pleasure activities, is suggestive of “work hard, enjoy hard” nature and combined with hard-working and attentive posture and tolerance for long study session(from hand on chin) is projecting a strong and prioritizing person, who has worked hard all the way here and is in no mood to tune down! May be she is searching for some APOGEE project! It is close too. There are many possible interpretations here! I might be completely wrong too! We would never know! Time to leave!

Good Bye( Good Bye in English 😀 )


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