Synthetic Beauty

Speed Writing! Half hour mark will be crossed in 6 mins and after that, I will try to write the entire blog in half hour, as personal test! Let us see how well I fare in this self test. Best of Luck To Me. I will be utilising these 6 minutes to think of content, get accustomed with the keyboard and monitor settings. Obviously, it will be a short blog as a regular blog takes up almost an hour or two of mine. The computer lab closes 5 minutes before 7pm, so to be honest I would have 25 mins+5mins to wrap up what I have invested my time in. πŸ˜€ Interesting. Thanks to WordPress’s auto save option, I wouldn’t have to worry about it, while I will be leaving! A minute to go. Fingers stretched, let us begin!

People often invest so much of their time and energy in cosmetics-both men and women. Even with such an investment and application of all the synthetic stuff out there in the market, they always try to move towards “natural” appearance! Ironic enough! I always wonder what “natural” appearance are they moving towards. Their own appearance is natural too. Applying so much cosmetic products won’t the change the elementary you. Then why to wear a mask for the world and either for those who care about you the least(like excessive parlour and skin treatments for some random party just to prove status symbol or to look “good”) or for those who care about you the most. One might argue about the sanctity of my statement about “those who cares about us the most”, that why is it so wrong! My point- if people care about you, they won’t care about some material appearance which is totally temporary!

Yes, I agree one must desire to look good for other people, because it presents you as like-able, attractive and approachable to others but over doing it is what frustrates me! People will spend hours thinking about what dress they will wear or to rephrase this question in more realistic and understandable way: what dress will look good to others which they will eventually wear? And then going through such dilemma and confusion as if it is the only thing that has remained in the world. I believe that one must find a balance between what they like to wear and is COMFORTABLE and what world MIGHT like. For example: In Indian subcontinent, temperature and humidity are usually high and attires like Formal suits, tight jeans, skin tight t shirts etc. are might prove a really bad investment. Dhoti, kurta, pyjama, lungi, etc. loose clothes are more in line with the Indian flavours! But still we blindly follow the traditions. Occasional covering is okay, but stressing about it daily makes no sense!

There are numerous instances when people have gone under the knife to get some physical characteristic altered into some desire shape or proportion, only to be dazzled by it in beginning, fascinated about their heroic adventure, going against the nature. Most of the cases, have asked for a reversal of these alterations because after sometime, when they fail to recognise themselves, they seek their old self back because they understand the beauty of it. Sometimes they get the reversal done, again costing them a fortune, rest stuck with what they are. What I am trying to point to is: Embrace the natural beauty. God has created every being beautiful and powerful in its own way. Why not identify it and flaunt it with confidence!

Synthetic Beauty is more repulsive than attractive when the long run is considered. People might get attracted or momentarily feel happy after the cosmetic colouring, but everyone sees through everything eventually and then there is no point in hiding behind that powdery-creamy-lotiony(I have no idea whether it is a word or not! πŸ˜€ but it rhymed) mask! We all have come back from a party and gossiped about everyone who has done excessive make up and others do the same about us too. Hence what is the point in investing so much effort. One must work on their natural beauty and flaunt it with confidence rather than feeling low or insecure about it. We all agree that yester-era actresses were real beauty as compared to today’s cosmetic avatars and I thus rest my case here!Β 

Thus embrace your natural self, enjoy your surrounding while you are yourself and not someone made on the whims of world, be original you as you are the only one of your kind. Live free and Live Long!

24Mins πŸ˜€


Early Morning Challenges

“Before writing this blog post, I would like to take a minute and thank Saakshi for volunteering for the morning alarm(in case my real alarm gives up after its allotted 10 min time). Although I woke up all by myself, thanks to early shut down of mind and body! πŸ˜€ And Sweet Mother of Holy Beloved God! It was freezing cold. I mean, I am born and bred in Sikar, some 120km aways from my current destination, with similar temperature variation and used to feel proud that I am lucky enough to have experience both extreme hot and cold weather and rains too! Snowfall was the only thing I missed in those days.

Pilani opened my eyes to new realm of temperature extremities and humidity. Sikar is not that much humid as compared to Pilani and hence heat is dry there, I mean, sweating is tolerable and with time, I believe we have evolved to sweat very less. In Pilani, even walking as short distance as 20 meters will leave you drowning in your own sweat. I joined here in summer term, and hence cursed the Pilani heat each day until I experienced the Winter Hell and as if stars were aligned to destroy enthusiasm, my next semester after joining was going to be a winter sem. God saved us then!

Returning to the matter at hand, I woke up this morning and it was a test of my determination. Alarm went off at the right time according to digital world and I pulled my hand out to shut it off, only to feel the steep temperature gradient outside and inside my blanket! At that moment, the only thing I could think of: “Let this blanket be my coffin for today and let me sleep peacefully till next birth(morning)” That comfortable it was inside the blanket! Still I got up with my strength, passing the “determination” test considerably well. B)

Next big challenge was morning rituals! Cold water and it was foggy night, hence sun was a little late to arrive at the party. Solar water heaters were of no use and it was useless to even try to check whether there was warm water or not! 1 and half years in this oasis have left me with enough experience. Still with a steel heart and similar hands, I went about them, and finally I was already and set to leave for my daily endeavour.

Morning taught me many things, like there is always a new beginning. How so ever dark the night is, there will always be that redness in the sky indicating sunrise. All in all, it was a nice experience to wake up early for a change and I would be trying very hard to make it a daily habit just like writing this blog!

See You Later πŸ˜€

Morning Hours

My last post took almost 6 days from top-to-bottom! Clearly something was wrong with my schedule that needed to be rectified! Earlier I used to write at the end of day, sitting comfortably in my room, slowly and steadily completing each composition, taking my time. This way I don’t have to worry about time and could go on writing as long as I can. But last blog post published some astonishing results.

I decided to switch to morning writings, 9-10 am mainly, because it is a free hour on all days except Friday, but that is manageable. Starting a day with creating something positive, creating something from nothing, always charges up the body-both physically and mentally. Fills you with a different energy from regular mornings. Makes every morning memorable-that you have created something! A feeling of pleasure :3 Also sitting down early in morning, trying to Β brain storm something positive helps to set the tone of the day.Β 

Always elders have pointed out that: “Early risers get ahead in game”. Getting up early and writing something is more strong motivation than getting up early and studying, I mean at least for a normal student like me. Yet, waking up early and activating brain cells to work hard from the moment alarm rings; helps in strong energy flow throughout the body and slowly and steadily entire body wakes up and before you know, you are already working at your 70-80%! A little exercise or yoga is like cherry on the top! But I am yet to walk on that road. Although I have made it a habit to cycle fast!

Writing in morning mean, I get to sleep early in night, implies more sleep time and also easier waking up too! Hence changing the position of just one activity brought the entire schedule to somewhat optimal level. Waking up early in morning is easier when we have slept enough and also with habit, one does not feel the need of alarm clock too. Hence no unpleasant sounds in morning and one wakes up to the noise of chirping birds sound and rays of sun. The feeling is super, trust me!

Remember, how our daily schedule was more than optimum during school days! So much we were able to do in 24 hours. Study 5-7 subject, complete homework, play, practice some hobby, hangout with friends, sleep, watch tv too( I was a big cartoon network and Hungama fan. πŸ˜€ Shinchan, Kochikame and Beyblade, Tom & Jerry were my opium πŸ˜‰ ), spend time with family members too. Complete Optimisation. Most of us fail to do even half of it now! Just because we lose precious morning hours which we used to get during school hours, thanks to our Super-Moms! B-) Salute!

Developing a new habit takes time. It takes more of mental strength to stick to that habit than physical tuning! People are very enthusiastic while embarking on the journey of new habit or hobby but then lose the motivation, mainly due to impatience. Our mind always wants to do things easy way with a few exceptions of course. Thus every time you find something good, it seems difficult to our mind and immediately he will pose numerous obstacles, conquering themΒ is the biggest challenge while developing some new habit. This usually is not the case with the bad habits. One can easily acquire bad habits without much effort! He just has to surrender to the whim.

Thus, I will be trying to incorporate “Early Rising” practice in my schedule and hopefully with time it will become a good habit. Thus you can expect more morning posts from now onwards. Trust me, it is such a wonderful experience to write in morning with all the peace and calm around. Fingers crossed! πŸ˜€Β 

Buenos dΓ­as (Good Morning in Spanish πŸ™‚ )


The Person I Create

Creating a person is challenging! Make some one too perfect, critics and readers blow it on grounds of pretentious writing. Make some one with all flaws and he/she automatically is hated by readers and critics on context of over-doing the “flaw thing”. So over next few paragraphs I would try to build an entirely new person! Let us see how it(dunno whether it will be he or she ^_^ πŸ˜€ so for time being let it be it!):

(I wouldn’t lie, but after the above paragraph, I am writing this after 4 days! So with some breathing space, let us begin the journey of this character! πŸ™‚ )

Let us start with a normal person. There are millions and billions of definition for “normalcy”, but let us go with 2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 lips, 2 ears, 2 eye brows(there are people with missing eye brows or a uni brow too!), black hair, 2 hands, 2 legs, one torso, 1 spine and all! Nothing abnormal in that sense. Let us fix the age of that character to 19 years who is just about to complete teenage. (Primary reason for that is: more familiarity with the peculiar features of character due to first hand experience) So now diving into the “normalcy” defined for a teenager. She.(I have decided to create a female character, based on just intuition. No logic behind it πŸ˜‰ ) She has these sparkling chinese eyes, puffed up cheeks, well shaped eye brows, wide forehead, long black hair, short round nose etc. (All random characteristics I have jumbled together! Any resemblance is and will be a mere coincidence!)

Often my instructor has remarked that, unleafing any quality or attribute of a character depends upon the requirement of composition. In a short story, only 1 or 2 or at max 3 are to be portrayed for the world (Like in The Gift of Magi by O Henry, Della’s Hair were the only feature focused upon or Jim’s watch!) and in novel, writers enjoy the liberty to reveal as many as they want at any particular time in the story line as they usually don’t deal with the constraint of page number in a novel! And then other forms of composition like poems, one act play, street play, stage play, etc. have different requirements manly depending upon writer’s style and requirement of the composition, all open to creative buds of the writer’s mouth!

Coming back to character at hand, I personally prefer to explore the personality of a person rather than physical attributes, although I am not impervious to it either. So I guess, we have defined enough physical attributes for a developing character. I have no requirements of any sort here, I can reveal as much as I can with hidden informations here and there or I can show light on a few revealing as little detail as I can! Similar to scarcity of light and dazzling behaviour in opposite order. πŸ˜€Β How to portray some traits of physical or psychiatric or personal attributes varies from writer to writer! Some may put it bluntly in front of readers and then beautifully build a plot upon it, some may put forward in form of some incident or situation compelling readers to interpret, some may just narrate it so artistically that it leaves its reader “awestruck”. I will try my hand at all three!

“Amour(Name of my character) is a girl of kind heart. Brought up with care and comfort and pampered like a princess, she is well aware about feeling of others and always opt for a path which has less negative impact on others. She believes that almost everyone is good, some are purely not, and believes in the strength of friends! Amour has always felt that Β true friends and real family are the strongest support one can have and all other relationship are secondary. She makes a family amongst her friends too. 2 caring families! Her “Friend-Mom”, is the one who cares about her the most and always had her back while taking cruel decisions and guided her in the right way!. Amour have a ‘Friend-Family-Pandit” gives her legal advices in life, more based on practical nature of a situation! There is “Friend-Mom’s Sister, Mausi”-as per the relationship names guide in India. Then other very good friends. She has a wide friend-circle with all these amazing people who provide her a very cheerful blooming environment! Wise Amour! πŸ™‚ ” (Blunt approach!)

“Amour wanted to enroll in some course and she did all the formalities by the book, but due to some electrical or electronic glitch, she failed to register in the course! Frustrated upon her fate, she went to friends for help. Keeping a good friend circle paid off, and she was flooded with all possible solutions to this crunch problem. Her institute was strict and once the deadline for course registration has passed, it gets very difficult to register in that course and you are directly summoned by Dean. Bold as she was, she went straight to the Associate Dean, full of faith in her doings, calm and diligently put her case forward only to be rejected once again on grounds of lack of evidence. Not giving up was in her nature. She some how, with help of a close friend, managed to gather an evidence which was fine ray in the dark, yet a bullet that could be tested only upon firing. She succeeded and thanked her stars for playing fate in her favor this time.” (Incidental approach portraying her courageous, righteous, bold, and intelligent traits in personality)

“Amour has this vibrant smile, a very wide one and cheerful one. Every time she entered the room with that wide smile of hers, occupants would feel the vibes already! Her smile was like this rising sun from horizon, painting the canvas with her own colours. She never smiled fake, at least not in front of the ones she cared about, always her smile was sourced from heart. It was the peek hole for the world to look into her calm, cool and cheery self! She laughs on good jokes and smiles on PJs too! She was never a miser and nor a spoiled brat when spending her smile currency. Dealing in profit always, she never held back a transaction either ways, but always valued each transaction sensibly! She knew what her smile was worth of, yet she always tried to reach bankruptcy! That is how Amour was!” (Narrative approach with very minute details)

So, roughly, that is how one might attempt to create a character. Great writers are well versed in this art, I am a mere beginner in this arena. I hope you have enjoyed reading this. From Heading-to-Last Line, it took me 5Β and half days! Daily chores were consuming more time! Anyway, Happy Valentine’s day! Enjoy and Stay Foolish. πŸ™‚Β 

Hamba Kahle! (Good Bye in Zulu language of Zululand, a part of South Africa πŸ™‚ )

Person Next To Me

Before diving into the world of words and the purpose of this blog post, let me allow the setting I am in. I am in IPC(Information Processing Centre), which has really high speed network facilities and students usually utilize it for doing online courses, practice for their lab assignments or may be just HD streaming of youtube. There are various uses open to everyone’s imagination! I was here to study too, but then I got this idea about an assignment I have in one of the courses I am enrolled in: Describe a person! So I thought, what place better than IPC, where everybody is busy in their work and I can quietly observe and write about people without them knowing. Evil! πŸ˜€

Let me start with basic information I can observe of the person next to me. She is a girl, sitting on my left. Wears a thick lens spects, probably studious in nature, an open notebook on which she is scribbling something very quickly, suggests the same thing. Black hair with a tinge of brown color tied tight is suggestive of two things: busy schedule and takes her work seriously or have deep grass root and prefers Indian style or may be both! Of course there may be other plausible explanations too. Fair in colour, and has focused eyes. The way she focuses her eyes on screen and stares while blinking slowly might confirm my “studious theory”.

Worn off nail paints might suggest that either she is busy with studies and didn’t get the time to repaint, or she is not bothered too much by rules and regulation of fashion world! She is average in height, her chair position and sitting posture clearly asserts this theory. She is sitting with a slightly forward inclination, again portrays inquisitive nature or may wrong posture due to studying in bed more or lying. She types fast both on keyboard and phone. Her replying speed for couple of messages was indicative of it.

She constantly have one or both hand touching her chin. May be a by product of coaching institute where students spend hours in lectures, attendance more than 100-150! Such long hours automatically develop such habits. Or may be something “awestruck” is on display in front of her. We would never know! She doesn’t like moving her chair much (which I love swinging round and round if given the liberty πŸ˜€ ). Such stability might be result of stable personality and self restraint or may be general disliking for rotating chair. All interpretation are possible. Hasnt written or typed something in a while, probably fell prey to youtube and high speed internet and we might have to discard the “self restraint” part of “stable and self restraint” theory.

Never leaned back on her chair projects the urge to stay attentive and hard-working nature. She looked here once. I was lucky to have been observing her from the side of my eyes! Phew! close call! Here quick scribbling speed and now indulging in pleasure activities, is suggestive of “work hard, enjoy hard” nature and combined with hard-working and attentive posture and tolerance for long study session(from hand on chin) is projecting a strong and prioritizing person, who has worked hard all the way here and is in no mood to tune down! May be she is searching for some APOGEE project! It is close too. There are many possible interpretations here! I might be completely wrong too! We would never know! Time to leave!

Good Bye( Good Bye in English πŸ˜€ )