The Invisible Ink

A writer’s worst fear is falling prey to misinterpretation by masses. Often while writing at some point or other he takes a tour of his own territory to find constructions that can be used for any purpose, be it good or bad. That is the point where the writer, itching to write boldly and freely, scratches his ink impressions on the paper or presses delete button on his laptop just to avoid the unnecessary banter and criticism. If the writer were to express his original sentiments but would want to avoid the defamation due to misinterpretation by critics and general mass, he would be required to adhere to anonymity and hence not receiving the credit for his work from people who had admired the composition.

There are times when a writer wants to express his views on some controversial topics quite boldly but resists his gut-feeling because he has no intention to fall in pit of bad publicity or criticism just because his article might be open to interpretations. Writers desire freedom of expression and sometimes they reach cross roads where either he has to choose between being bold about his content or just keep his writings to himself or adopt anonymity and hence sacrifice the direct appraisal from his fans. All viable options! And difficult to choose from!

There has been numerous instances where a writer has been put in cross-hairs just on the notion that the content composed by him was controversial and either it is misinterpretation of content or is hurting the sentiments of certain group of people around the globe who protest less about it than the group actually protesting about it, and are not part of that group either. More often than not it is just anti-social elements triggering rage and dissatisfaction amongst the masses.

Writing with an ink which would disappear once reader has read the content and hence reader has no evidence of what to criticize about. No evidence at all! The Invisible Ink! It serves all the purposes. Writers get to write freely, they receive all the credit they deserve and no unnecessary banter by trend following people and most important of all they avoid the shadows of anonymity. Its a win-win situation. Invisible ink provides this overwhelming freedom a writer dreams about, completely full filling the purpose of his writings enabling him to express his ideologies without any restrictions.

Yes, it is true, that there are writers who will misuse this great power to just perform publicity stunts and gain moments in the bright light of fame but then there are always criminals amongst the good masses. Such a power will be well utilized by those writers who store the capability to changing the world by just their words but have been holding back. Hence, if ever there was such a device, or actually ink, or such a power like “The Invisible Ink”, it would be symbolic of liberation of writers from the curse of judgmental crowd who prefer to follow the trend rather actually putting effort to grasp the true meaning and intentions of the writer.

Paalam (Good Bye in Philippines) 😀 




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