The Invisible Ink

A writer’s worst fear is getting misinterpreted by the readers. Often while writing there is always that one article which the writers knows that it is the naked truth though susceptible to misinterpretations. That is the point where the writer, even though itching to write boldly and with freedom, scratches his ink impressions on the paper just to avoid the unnecessary criticism. If the writer really wishes to express his unadulterated opinions and avoid the defamation at the same time, the only choice in front of him is anonymity. The voluntary choice of not receiving the credit for his work from people who saw through the layers and reached his ideas.

In this world of “intolerance”, a writer’s dream is, perhaps, the freedom of expression. Writer crave for freedom of expression. There has been numerous instances where a writer has been put in cross-hairs just because the content authored by him was controversial. In reality it was actually misinterpreted and is something taken out of context. More often than not it is just “intolerant” anti-social elements triggering rage and dissatisfaction among the masses.

Imagine there is such an ink that writing with that ink would make the content disappear once reader has read the content. No evidence criticism, yet the writers gets the due credit! The Invisible Ink! It serves the purpose. Writers get to write freely with it and receive all the credit he deserves. No unnecessary banter by “wanna be” people and most important of all – avoid the shadows of anonymity. Its a win-win situation. Invisible ink provides the freedom of expression which a writer dreams about!

Yes, it is true, that the ink will be misused. But bad people will always be there! They should not scare us from progressing. On the other hand we should be strong enough to not let them affect us. I think the invisible ink is best for the writers who have the capability of changing the world by their words but have been holding back because of the fear of repercussions. “The Invisible Ink” is symbolic of liberation of writers from the curse of judgmental crowd who trust rumour more than the actual truth!

Paalam (Good Bye in Philippines) 😀 




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