Don’t Wait, Substitute

Waiting is integral part of time cycle. People wait for different reasons, some wait to meet someone, some wait to receive that important phone call, waiting in a bus to reach destination, waiting for things to happen, waiting to do something, waiting in traffic, waiting for so many things. Waiting for something for 5-10 mins is justifiable. It is India, people need to be allowed at least that much buffer time. Still, there are people who are strictly punctual and it must be our utmost priority to not to waste such person’s time by keeping him waiting. Coming back to the topic: Why shouldn’t we wait? What are we substituting?

Let us take a simple scenario where one person is waiting for 10 phone calls (there might be lots of other things in addition to those phone calls but for the sake of simplicity, let us restrict ourselves to just one thing). Let us assume that on an average, this person has to wait for 10 min. That makes it a total of 100 min or 1 hour 40 min. Now there must be other tasks too, which might keep that person waiting for some time. Again, there are some tasks which require you to be alert in the waiting time, and require immediate response. Neglecting that time, let us say (keeping our estimates on the lower side), we spend almost 1 and half hours waiting! That is like 6.25% of our daily quota of total hours!

This is not a big number. The percent might as well shoot as high as 33-50% mainly spent waiting while travelling! First let us target that 1 hour 30 min (again average time). This number might appear very big and must have you scratching your head that how on earth can you waste so much time even if you have planned everything to seconds. Well, this is not concentrated expenditure but rather culmination of micro-expenditure of time currency. You might spend 5 mins here, 2 mins there, 3 minutes somewhere else and at the end of day might crave for that extra hour or 2 to complete the task which you have completely wasted in waiting. How can you substitute that waiting part with something useful?

First, we need to identify the zones of possible waiting (no need to calculate the time) in the entire day. You might think that it would require micro-planning and a lot of effort. I say, focus on gross wait time, and plan accordingly and also factor in some uncertainities. Easy till now. Now, identify certain activities or things you can do in those zones like learn those new words of the new language you are currently acquiring, listen to that new track you have thought about listening, even practice that dance move once, revise some concept if you think you might forget it, view a part of some online lecture now and remaining part some other time and complete the lecture this way (which you can quickly revise in a reasonably less time), listen to audio lectures, think about ideas for that new project you are about to start. Basically, AIM IS TO KEEP YOUR MIND OCCUPIED AND UTILIZE THE WASTE TIME! One way of optimizing time utilization.

There are time gaps of several hours while travelling which we spend gazing out of window, getting bored and then finally listening to music we have already heard or seeing a movie. If it is a trip meant for recreation then these things are perfectly suitable to relax your mind. Most businessmen for whom travelling is unavoidable, resort to the strategy of “work from where you are”. Basically, they work from wherever they are, be it a flight, train, bus, a ferry or simply walking to the office, they recognize the amount of travel time and utilize it accordingly to extract something creative from it. Story behind most private charter jets. All designed to hold meets or tele-confrence or just simple office work. For example, if you are going to travel for 7 hours on a day, you can use that time to read something useful, cultivate plans, retrospect, introspect, take decisions you have left pending, plan out the time you are going to spend next etc. Open to everyone’s imagination how they choose to utilize.

Now what it is there to gain from it? Humans have a tendency to be lazy until and unless they spot some profit extraction from something, so why invest in waiting time? Why at all substitute? Why to go to such extra efforts? Well first and foremost: “Unemployed mind houses the devil”. Keeping our mind engaged into something creative and useful help us keeping it sharp and on right track. Again with a bit of practice and judicious management, you might be able to complete those tasks which might take you an additional 1 hour separately, thus providing you with an additional hour in a day (a general example ๐Ÿ™‚ ). It will also keep you efficient and active through out the day. And most important of all, you will enjoy waiting! The agony or frustration acquired due to waiting will reduce drastically and it will become enjoyable hence it will save someone from being the outlet of that agony! ๐Ÿ˜€

Waitingย is one of the most trivial thing we have been doing till now, so why don’t we turn into something very important and extract as much profit as we can from it.ย Hence,ย Start Substituting your waiting time with creative time and you will see your free hours increased, boredom of waiting vanished, every moment you will be accomplishing something. The only effort required is to choose activities judiciously and use our imagination to find way to maximize benefits. Rest is up to you, whether to start substituting or keep waiting!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

Proschay(Pronunciation of Good Bye in Russian ๐Ÿ˜€ )



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