Tomorrow is a Mystery

We are all busy pacing through the time allotted to us for this life, completing various tasks, achieving life goals, building and breaking relationships, committing mistakes and learning from them, and most important of all: gaining valuable experiences. We, humans, have been trying to predict what happens in future, be it scientists working on some hypothesis in a lab or an economist trying to predict what will be the face of economy tomorrow, or doctor predicting whether to continue with a particular method of treatment or not, there are a lot more predictions being formulated around the globe.

More often than not, we have this question “what will happen tomorrow?” making us anxious and curious. But when we take a step back and gaze ahead on all the possibility lie ahead of us, we would realize how less we actually know about it. I mean we don’t know what we are going to eat tomorrow, or what clothes are we going to wear or things we are going to say and any of those things might alter your predicted timeline. Even I don’t know what topic I might choose to write my next blog post on. So what should we do? Should we give in to all the probabilities, how so ever small or trivial they might appear? Should we increase our efforts to make our predictions more accurate? Dilemma.

The wide continuum of possibilities might become source of anxiety and incessant worry but then again it might as well give us an overwhelming power of creating our future ourselves. There are people who believe that future is all written and things that have to happen will happen, but I tend to have a different stand point on this, I believe that we make our destiny on our own. I mean there is a glass of orange juice placed in front on me and it is my choice whether I will be drinking it or not. One might argue that if that glass of juice was supposed to end up in my belly, I will develop the appetite. Both valid opinions, just a matter of personal preference.

Thus the uncertain future provide us with infinite possibilities for tomorrow and days after that too. It is all about the choices we make. For example, let us say tomorrow I decide to learn french and 6 months down the line you might find me speaking decent french. In some other scenario, instead of taking up french, I might decide to take up sword fighting or dancing or singing or might not choose anything. All having a different effect on my possible future timeline. Such is the power and importance of possibilities! You get to shape your future(s), all of them.

Hence “Tomorrow is a beautiful mystery”, providing you freedom to select from infinite options to be your future timeline. Make the right choices, avoid the easy ones especially if they don’t seem right, pursue your interests, work hard towards your goal! There is nothing more satisfying than achieving your goal and cherish your victory! Shape your future the way you want, even if you believe that your future is all set and written, yet your choices and work today will still compel The Great Writer to alter your life tomorrow. Remember, “God helps those who help themselves”. Thus utilize your present well to shape a better life tomorrow!

अलविदा (Good bye in Hindi) 🙂