Better Finish than Wish

Before starting this post, as promised, I would like to mention some people who appreciated this blog. First one to point out: Ajinkya talented in robotics, involved deeply in social service and possesses great sense of humor and ear for sarcasm. Lakshya– One of the pillars of our team, plays in college team of volleyball, sometimes calls me “Traveler” and very humble in nature. Gaurav– “The Vivadaspad Aadmi” of our team of social service, plays very good guitar, has smiling face most of the times, and works hard for whatever task assigned. I feel lucky to have such awesome people around me. 🙂 You guys have no idea what it means to get appreciation. I thank you again for your words of encouragement.

Now, coming back to the topic in hand. Often we wait for things to happen around us. There might be some old pending work , pushing deadline after deadline. Usually, we rely on people to initiate or cooperate, making things easier for us, situation favorable for us. We keep completing other tasks assigned to us, but keep removing cobwebs from that shelved assignment. We even adopt the misconception that work assigned can only be completed with help of others and with supply of lots of resources and conditions favorable to produce best possible result.

This development of carefree attitude often result in unnecessary delay even though there might be very less work actually involved or the estimated time of completion might be way less but we are never able to realize it unless we actually dive into the work. We even wish that someone will complete it for us overnight! Deadly! It is often said that most deadly wish for a man is asking for someone to do the work he is unable to complete. We never know how easy or hard or time-consuming the work in hand is, unless we try with pure intention and commitment. But then with such efforts there is very low chance of failure in the assignment.

More often than not, I have found it is always better to finish that work with a little extra effort than just sitting on the sidelines and waiting for it to happen. Yes, there will be more effort required than just sitting idle, but then work gets done and there is one less stone in the backpack to carry. Other added benefit, work is done in the desirable way as I like. Since  you are the only working on that assignment and no one else is interfering, there is a high probability that you might get to enjoy the monopoly in designing the method or plan the work structure as per your convenience.

Taking the initiative also teaches us how to lead from the front and face any situation, how difficult it may appear, with correct nature and level of motivation and intention. I have been trying this for sometime, and the work completion rate has increased astonishingly and results achieved are astonishing. Thus I have found it better to “Finish than to Wish” that someone might do work for it, because mark my words, there are very few people who might do that for you and those who do, won’t be there always. Doing our work ourselves gives us opportunity to learn which might not be there of we just sit and wish for it to happen. Thus there are many benefits of doing the work ourselves and just one of letting it happen i.e. momentary comfort. 

Hence, its your choice to make now! Weigh your options wisely and derive the conclusion: “Wish or Finish”.

Adiós!! (Good bye in spanish)

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