The Test

Khamma-Ghani! (Hello in Marwadi)

I was walking in the college corridor going for a test. It was very different from the conventional academic tests. It was entrance test for English Press Recruitment. The walk to test-room was kind of filled with deja-vu. In my first year, I had failed to capitalize couple of opportunities merely because I didn’t bother trying. This happened during school days too. But today was different. Even though the fear of failure and not being competent enough was there just as it was in the good old times, there was something different this time. 

I did not slow down or took a wrong turn and went back to the room. Though I did feel gut wrenching nervousness. Yes, there was that feeling, but apart from that every brain cell was signalling me the same thing: Just Try. I propelled myself into the room and poof! The feeling of failure was gone and determination to do well emerged from within . In a way I had to overwhelm myself to sit in that hall and take the test. I collected the answer sheet, looked for a suitable place, and patiently waited for the test to start.  

“I won’t leave the room until I have tried my best” was the only thing I kept in my mind. Nothing else. Anything else didn’t matter much. “I might fail….So what, at least you will learn about the kind of questions that will be asked.” “People might think I am a loser, if I won’t get selected.” “They will mock me for even trying…..saying: I wasn’t worth it.” …… “Well, we don’t know what would happen after the test, but I would definitely be a loser if I don’t give it a try.” “I will keep my hand on face, so that very few people or none at all recognize me.” …… “Why? ‘Win Like a Man, Lose like a Man’ So sit!” 

With all these thoughts circling within my mind, the test began. First question appeared on black board and I was clueless about it. For a second I decided to handover the blank answer sheet and head out. “I mean….I wasn’t meant for it.” What is the point of this all! I won’t get selected anyway. But then second question appeared and it appeared solvable and with a little effort I was able to write something for it, which I thought will be suitable. I thanked myself for not leaving! Then I returned to question 1, and wrote something for it too!

Whether I would get selected or not is a different story. I probably might not get selected or I might be the first choice of selectors, both are equally probable. The lesson I learnt from here was: Try and Something will definitely happen which would be better than nothing. In a different scenario, I might have left the room immediately after reaching and would have missed on writing a humorous post on our Registration Procedure (one of the questions in the test). 😉 I might or might not have written what evaluating person desired for, but it was fun writing that composition for almost 40 mins and then spending next 20 on that difficult question. 

In life I think it is important to realize that there will be limited number of opportunities. To grab a few, more often than not, you will have to step out of your comfort zone. There is no point in hesitating! May be something miraculous will happen to you! Opportunity costs are mandatory.  We should try even though we might feel negative about it inside. Failure, after all, is just another stepping stone to success. And then there is this great saying:

If you succeed, you can lead.
If you fail, you should guide.

Ghani-Ghani-Khamma (Reply to Khamma Ghani) 😀


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