The Unthinkable

Hello 🙂

Here we meet again. “The Unthinkable” might have you misleading that this blog contains something astonishing and mind-boggling. Well, go no further, you will be disappointed. You should stop reading now, as you won’t get anything from reading this long post. I am sure you will regret that you read the entire post and couldn’t find anything unthinkable about it. But you are still reading it with all the intention in the world. I request you to stop reading further, there is nothing substantial in it. Its just a vague composition of my mind.

I requested you in the entire paragraph above and still you are reading this paragraph. Such stubborn and I am sure no matter how much I would try to convince you, you will read the next one or the one next to the next one. I am astonished to see your determination to get to the end of this page, but I think you are unable to understand that you wont get anything in return and you might be only wasting your time and data. Good Lord! You are still here! You must be very curious about the end but let me remind you there is nothing there. 

See, I told you! You would read this paragraph too and the one next to it. Why are you still reading this! I have repeatedly told you and have tried to convince you that you won’t get anything from reading this and probably would curse me for writing this vague post and posting, but then I am not the one to blame here. I cleared this fact to you in the beginning that there is nothing special about this post. But as I see, you are still here, with your eyes glued to screen, reading my words in black and white and italic and bold and underlined. Sir/Maam, Please, I am begging you to stop reading it.

Even if I write 10 more paragraphs you will read them too. Won’t you? Such stubbornness. Still there is time, you can abandon this post, right here and right now, and end this wastage of time and come back tomorrow for some meaningful post. I am surprised to see your will to get to the end. Salute to you Sir/Maam! I mean you have gone through 3 and half paragraphs of bull shit and still haven’t shown any intention of leaving this post here and do some creative or useful work.

I see that if I continue writing even more, you won’t give up to get to the end even though you know you won’t derive anything from it. And now that you have reached the end, I would like to ask you this only question: “What did you get from reading this post?” Nothing! There was nothing in this post. From time to time, paragraph to paragraph, I warned you to abandon this post but that seemed to have no effect on you and here you are, 5 paragraphs later, with eyeballs stills glued to screen. Dear Sir/Maam, do something useful, this post will only be wasting your time and hence fulfilling its sole purpose of writing. 

I can type for long in same fashion, but you see, I have a lot of work to do, and thus I myself will stop typing as you have showed no indication of leaving this post just yet. I will end it here, and would hope that this post brought a gentle smile on your face which was its sole purpose of writing. Not always we need to listen to a comedian to smile, sometimes small trivial things can make a smile blossom on our face and I am sure you have a good smile too, but I know the person with the best one. 😀 

Thank You for wasting your precious time on this post and as I see you are still fixated, I won’t add to your misery and I am ending this post here. 🙂

Have a Happy Day! Good Bye! 

Auf Wiedersehen(Good Bye in German) 🙂


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