The Unthinkable

Hello 🙂

We meet again! “The Unthinkable” might give you the feeling that this blog contains something astonishing and mind-boggling. Well, you should not read beyond this point. You will be disappointed. You should stop reading now seriously! It is going to be a long post and you won’t get anything out of it. I am sure you will regret not finding anything “unthinkable” in this article. But I can see that you are still reading it! Fine, have it your way! But I am telling you there is nothing substantial in it. Its just a vaguely written article.

I have requested you not to read throughout the entire previous paragraph. Yet you have made it to this second one. Still wasting your time! Such stubbornness! At this point I am quite convinced that no matter how much I would try to convince you, you will read the next paragraph and the one after that. I am astonished to see your determination to get to the end of this page hoping to find something useful. It will be a glorious waste of your time, I am telling you! Good Lord! You are quite persistent!

Well I anticipated that you will continue reading paragraph after paragraph! You will definitely keep on reading another one after this paragraph too. I am totally not sure the motivation behind you still reading this! I have already told you that you won’t get anything from reading this! You will probably curse me for writing this vague post and  wasting your precious time with it. But then I am not the one to blame here. I had cleared this fact in the very beginning that there is nothing special about this post. So this wastage of time is on you! Not me! But as I can see, you are still here! Your eyes are glued to screen, reading my black/white, italicized, bold and underlined words. By now you should have stopped reading!

Even if I write 10 more paragraphs you will end up reading them as well. Won’t you?! Such stubbornness! Still there is time, you can abandon this post, right here and right now. You can always comeback tomorrow for an article with more meaningful content. I am surprised to see your resolve to read to the end. Salutations! I mean you have gone through 3 and half paragraphs of bull shit and still haven’t shown any intention of leaving this post here.

Well you didn’t give up! You didn’t pay attention to my warnings! You stubbornly kept reading it while getting absolutely nothing valuable from it. And now that you have reached the end of this post, I am quite eager to ask your this question:

“What did you get from reading this post?”

I will end it here and hope that this post brought a gentle smile on your face. Not always we need to listen to a comedian to smile. Sometimes small and trivial things can make a smile blossom on our faces. 

Thank You for wasting your precious time on this post and as I see you are still fixated, I won’t add to your misery and I am finally ending this post here. 🙂

Have a Happy Day! Good Bye! 

Auf Wiedersehen! 

(I am learning German 🙂 )


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