The One with The Back Again

Hey, I am back!

I don’t even remember the time I published my last post. Probably in 2015. Well, last semester, first semester of Second Year was very eventful and time consuming. Met wonderful people, worked hard for things I valued, and then there were academics! Well they certainly did not go my way! 😦  But then as a wise person had said: “Everything happens for a reason”.

Improving from our mistakes is one the greatest qualities found in humans. Not shying away from your failure requires courage and determination. There are 24 hours in a day, and if my maths is right, that is equivalent to 1440 min or 86,400 sec. We have seen this maths done before numerous times, every now and then this calculation pops up and intimidates us! To me it was always just maths, a game of numbers, involving big digits and flashy words! Ha! How quickly life changes! 

Now that this semester is about to start, I am looking towards endless opportunities in front of me along with plethora of hidden expectations from me. Adding to this is a mountain of responsibility on me to start thinking about future. The reminiscence of past, as usual, will always be haunting me as and when it will feel appropriate. But then what is life without its wonderful challenges. I guess it will help me in growing a strong spine and steel nerves! “Take every challenge as opportunity and every opportunity as challenge”- said a wise man or a woman (I don’t really know!).

That calculation I mentioned! There is so much work to do, and some of it is going to be tough. Some times it can get scary, that there is so much to be done and in the end I might absolutely nothing. This is where the calculation comes into picture. All we need to do is manage our time in an optimised way. I would have to prioritize things appropriately. Perhaps, the secret to accomplish anything and everything. I have always admired people who can multi-task efficiently, but there is one secret that I had always overlooked. Even computers, the most efficient multi-taskers on the planet, do one thing at a time. They tend to do it quick then move on to next one, and I have started to admire this method of theirs. But blindly proceeding this way might not get things done in time.  So I developed a trick or more like a “back-door entry to a famous concert”.

Riddles apart, I developed this method of “prioritize and attention”, quite similar to “divide and conquer”. Basically I have started dividing work into two categories, one that needs to be done with precision like writing this post, or one that doesn’t need much attention like watching a movie (The Great Gatsby if you must know! ). Now one way of doing both would be to watch the movie which is 2 hours and 22 mins long and then write the post consuming another 1 hour or so (I am a slow writer :P). Total time taken: 4 hours. Another way of doing would utilize the split window feature of Windows. I will keep the post on left as when we develop cognitive thought or speech we are utilizing our Right hemisphere of brain which controls left eye (hence blog on the left side) and movie towards right which will activate my creative Left hemisphere of brain while watching movie. So now within 2 hr and 22 min, I have successfully composed this post, watched The Great Gatsby (Awesome  cinematography and story by the way) and with time to spare I can watch the climax peacefully. Multi-Tasking done right! ^_^ 

So not stretching this post, its time to shift gears, press the accelerator and storm into future. As they say: “Prepare for the worst and Hope for best”. This semester I have decided to blog a lot more and mainly about “Daily General Topics” that I encounter in my day-to-day life. It will mostly involve experiences, incidents, events, and someone else. 😉 I don’t know if someone will even read this, but if you do, “stay tuned” and “thank you for your precious time”.

Sayonara 🙂 



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