5 minutes

It was a quite Friday morning. After a long streak of cloudy mornings, it was the time for to Sun finally grace us with its presence. As I was walking out of my hostel doors, I sneaked a glimpse of my watch. 9:00AM! I am late! I rushed towards my cycle. Unlocked it, jumped on it and pedaled with all my strength and stamina to make it to the tutorial class on time. It was the race against time itself. And lets face it- I ain’t that fast!

As I cycled to the main road going to Faculty Divisions, I noticed a rickshaw-wala in half sweater going in the opposite direction. May be an acquaintance was riding the rickshaw, it was too late for social etiquette to be observed. As I made my way through fast moving crowd, I noticed less markings of bird shit on road as compared to other days, may be “Winter is Going”.

I nodded to a couple of friends who were returning from their early morning class. May be they nodded back too, I was cycling way too fast to notice anyway. Had a look at my watch again, 9:03AM and I had just crossed Gandhi Bhawan Stairs (almost half way to the class). Observing the crowd movement pattern, current speed and temperature of wind, I decided to increase the pace with hope to make it to class by 9:06 AM with an error of 1 minute at max.

The saplings near Krishna Stairs looked greener and younger and there was a group of students making their way to NAB from Krishna Bhawan. There were two choices in front of me: either increase my speed cut them in their path or slowdown and let them pass first. I decided to pedal with all the strength left in my calf muscles and toes almost as if my life depended on it…… Phew! Just crossed them. Finally found a parking space next to a purple lady bird, locked my ride in hurry and rushed to the stairs. Skipped one step at a time on the next two flights, finally walking briskly (almost running) and entering 2203.

I quickly went to the teacher’s desk, picked up the practice problem and drawing sheet with my name scribbled on it and comfortably sat at the back bench, trying to avoid the constant stare of my instructor. I am quite sure that he is disgusted from the fact that his students cannot reach the 9 AM class on time. I looked at my watch again, 9:05 AM. As I was pulling out my stationary from my bag, I gave my surroundings a final glimpse and then indulged in the velocity diagram I was going to chart.

That was the 5 minutes from my morning and an assignment which was never evaluated by my creative writing instructor.

સારી બાય (Good bye in Gujarati)


The Invisible Ink

A writer’s worst fear is getting misinterpreted by the readers. Often while writing there is always that one article which the writers knows that it is the naked truth though susceptible to misinterpretations. That is the point where the writer, even though itching to write boldly and with freedom, scratches his ink impressions on the paper just to avoid the unnecessary criticism. If the writer really wishes to express his unadulterated opinions and avoid the defamation at the same time, the only choice in front of him is anonymity. The voluntary choice of not receiving the credit for his work from people who saw through the layers and reached his ideas.

In this world of “intolerance”, a writer’s dream is, perhaps, the freedom of expression. Writer crave for freedom of expression. There has been numerous instances where a writer has been put in cross-hairs just because the content authored by him was controversial. In reality it was actually misinterpreted and is something taken out of context. More often than not it is just “intolerant” anti-social elements triggering rage and dissatisfaction among the masses.

Imagine there is such an ink that writing with that ink would make the content disappear once reader has read the content. No evidence criticism, yet the writers gets the due credit! The Invisible Ink! It serves the purpose. Writers get to write freely with it and receive all the credit he deserves. No unnecessary banter by “wanna be” people and most important of all – avoid the shadows of anonymity. Its a win-win situation. Invisible ink provides the freedom of expression which a writer dreams about!

Yes, it is true, that the ink will be misused. But bad people will always be there! They should not scare us from progressing. On the other hand we should be strong enough to not let them affect us. I think the invisible ink is best for the writers who have the capability of changing the world by their words but have been holding back because of the fear of repercussions. “The Invisible Ink” is symbolic of liberation of writers from the curse of judgmental crowd who trust rumour more than the actual truth!

Paalam (Good Bye in Philippines) 😀 



Why Sherlock Holmes will not be successful in India?

**Disclaimer: This post is meant only for humor and not intended to defame anyone or anything. This blog post is as fictional as Mr. Holmes himself. Just relax and enjoy the post.**

Sherlock Holmes. He is known for his sound logic, reasoning and deduction. He is a consulting detective living in 221B, Baker Street, London, England. Though he is a fictional character, there is museum dedicated to him in actual 221B, Baker Street in London. Such is the popularity he gained from his adventures documented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

After seeing the latest episode of the TV-series based on modern edition: “Sherlock – The Abominable Bride”, an idea struck me immediately. We have Byomkesh Bakshi, the Indian Avatar of Sherlock Holmes. But:

What would happen if Sherlock Holmes took a case in India?

Below is my humor-filled attempt to answer the above question. There would be several factors to consider, which are listed as below:

  1. Sweat

This would be one of the critical challenges that Sherlock will have to tackle in India. I mean he wears a suit and a travelling cloak and a hat all the times. He would be sweating buckets and I wouldn’t be too surprised if he had to be hospitalized due to excessive dehydration! I mean India is not the country of suits and boots. It is the land of lungi, dhoti and pajamas and chappals and sandals. And believe me or not, it is very hard to concentrate when you are drowning in your own sweat. For all we know, Dr. Watson might be busy to make him drink water on regular intervals than take notes of what is happening.

2. Different details and deductions

Holmes always required details, as minute as they can be. He claims that it is the smaller details which help in solving the case. Let us imagine that a murder has been committed and witness saw a man stabbing someone just a few meters ahead of him (obvious truth in the case) and Sherlock and Dr. Watson are called for investigation. As usual, Sherlock interviews the prime witness and he tells him a blunt description. Sherlock routinely asks for anything peculiar happened before or after stabbing. Witness replies: “Yes, Just before the stabbing there were some small pop sounds and a rotten smell coming out from the victim.” Sherlock’s eyes glowed with a possible mystery related to triggered poisoning, sensing which, Dr. Watson plainly said: “Calm down, Holmes, it was a fart. Just a fart.” 😉 😀

3. Gossip and clouded information

Another issue Sherlock would be tackling is: bragging and gossiping. Let us say there was a kidnapping in a certain village. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were invited to investigate. Now villagers are always closely connected to each other. They had information (gossip) about every member of their community. For someone like Sherlock Holmes, it should be only a matter of time to extract useful clues from such well informed sources around him. But here is the twist! A few interview dialogues as noted by Dr. Watson would go on like this: “So when did you last see the victim?” “Hain! O.o “ “Arey Chacha, akhri baar launde ko kab dekhe rhe?”….“Umm, humar bagal ke gaon wala tau ji nahi hai kya….wahi jo lambi dakar ke liye poore gaon me jaane jate hai….haan wahi…wo yaha humare gaon me aaye rhe…apni beti Champa…..haan wahi….jo gana bahut hi acha gaati hai…ek dum koyal ki tarah….haan..to wo Champa ka rishta leke aaye rhe yaha…or puch rahe the koi layak launda hai ya nahi. Hum issi sadak se jaa rahe the…apne padosi ki mausi ki bitiya…wahi jiske aadmi ka bada sa khet hai gaon ke bahar…. haan..to ussi ke bete ko dekhne. To jaise hi hum gali me mudde to hum kya dekhte hai………. (long dramatic pause)” “Tumne ladke ko dekha udhar?”….”Arey nahi nahi bhai, bata rahe hai na…. rukiye to thoda…kahi bhaga thodi na jaa raha hai! AREY O CHOTU KI MAA, jara chai to bhijwana 3 cup! Sath me biscuit bhi, bade sahab aaye hai! Haan…to jaise hi to gali me mudde…dekhte kya hai ki…wo tailor master ka ladka…..haan wahi…jo kal parso aam ke bagiche me bhi pakda gaya tha….wahi wahi….wo ek bhensiya ko pathar maar raha tha. Humko bahut hi bura laga….jaam ke dutkar lagaye….to ek dum hawa hua udhar se. Fir jaise hi padosi ki mausi ki bade khet wali beti ke ghar me ghus rahe the apan bagal ke gaon wala dakar chacha ke sath unki beti ka rishta liye to …….piche se ek “ladka” namaste karta hua gaya. Shayad wahi tha…shakal to thik se dekh nahi paaye. Badi hi jaldi me the bhaiya <Spits gutkha near by>” Sherlock fainted!

4. Political Pressure

Sherlock might have to face political pressure too when some high-profile suspect is involved. Let us assume that Sherlock was called to investigate the scam by some politician. The politician came to know about it and called him for a meeting. Sherlock, habitual to meet intelligent criminals like Moriarty, went to the politician with similar expectations. A man of habits, he arrived on time and then waited for 2 long hours for the politician to show up. Sherlock opened his mouth to make a statement of observations he had made in that little time about him and just then politician said: “Ama, bakwaas to kijiyega nahi! Hum jaante hai hum kon and aur ye bhi ki aap kaun hai! Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, ek hi request hai aap se ki ye scam me jyada khusar-pusar karne ki jarurat to hai nahi! Jitna investigation karna tha wo humari banai hui “Investigation Team” kar li hai aur report bhi de di hai! Uske left-right me thodi si bhi budbud kiye na public me…to kaha hawa hoke…kidhar prakat hoge…..ye tumhari amma bhi nahi jaan payegi! To apni keemat boliye or mamle ko yahi rafa-dafa kar dijiye….nahi to ye scam ki money ki tarah aapko bhi gayab kar denge…keh de rahe hai abhi se. -_- ” <Holmes jumped from a building>

And that is how, I am afraid, that the chronicles of Sherlock Holmes would conclude in India! 

PS: Sorry for a long post. 

Mae Alssalama (Good Bye in Arabic) 🙂

The Test

Khamma-Ghani! (Hello in Marwadi)

I was walking in the college corridor going for a test. It was very different from the conventional academic tests. It was entrance test for English Press Recruitment. The walk to test-room was kind of filled with deja-vu. In my first year, I had failed to capitalize couple of opportunities merely because I didn’t bother trying. This happened during school days too. But today was different. Even though the fear of failure and not being competent enough was there just as it was in the good old times, there was something different this time. 

I did not slow down or took a wrong turn and went back to the room. Though I did feel gut wrenching nervousness. Yes, there was that feeling, but apart from that every brain cell was signalling me the same thing: Just Try. I propelled myself into the room and poof! The feeling of failure was gone and determination to do well emerged from within . In a way I had to overwhelm myself to sit in that hall and take the test. I collected the answer sheet, looked for a suitable place, and patiently waited for the test to start.  

“I won’t leave the room until I have tried my best” was the only thing I kept in my mind. Nothing else. Anything else didn’t matter much. “I might fail….So what, at least you will learn about the kind of questions that will be asked.” “People might think I am a loser, if I won’t get selected.” “They will mock me for even trying…..saying: I wasn’t worth it.” …… “Well, we don’t know what would happen after the test, but I would definitely be a loser if I don’t give it a try.” “I will keep my hand on face, so that very few people or none at all recognize me.” …… “Why? ‘Win Like a Man, Lose like a Man’ So sit!” 

With all these thoughts circling within my mind, the test began. First question appeared on black board and I was clueless about it. For a second I decided to handover the blank answer sheet and head out. “I mean….I wasn’t meant for it.” What is the point of this all! I won’t get selected anyway. But then second question appeared and it appeared solvable and with a little effort I was able to write something for it, which I thought will be suitable. I thanked myself for not leaving! Then I returned to question 1, and wrote something for it too!

Whether I would get selected or not is a different story. I probably might not get selected or I might be the first choice of selectors, both are equally probable. The lesson I learnt from here was: Try and Something will definitely happen which would be better than nothing. In a different scenario, I might have left the room immediately after reaching and would have missed on writing a humorous post on our Registration Procedure (one of the questions in the test). 😉 I might or might not have written what evaluating person desired for, but it was fun writing that composition for almost 40 mins and then spending next 20 on that difficult question. 

In life I think it is important to realize that there will be limited number of opportunities. To grab a few, more often than not, you will have to step out of your comfort zone. There is no point in hesitating! May be something miraculous will happen to you! Opportunity costs are mandatory.  We should try even though we might feel negative about it inside. Failure, after all, is just another stepping stone to success. And then there is this great saying:

If you succeed, you can lead.
If you fail, you should guide.

Ghani-Ghani-Khamma (Reply to Khamma Ghani) 😀

The Unthinkable

Hello 🙂

We meet again! “The Unthinkable” might give you the feeling that this blog contains something astonishing and mind-boggling. Well, you should not read beyond this point. You will be disappointed. You should stop reading now seriously! It is going to be a long post and you won’t get anything out of it. I am sure you will regret not finding anything “unthinkable” in this article. But I can see that you are still reading it! Fine, have it your way! But I am telling you there is nothing substantial in it. Its just a vaguely written article.

I have requested you not to read throughout the entire previous paragraph. Yet you have made it to this second one. Still wasting your time! Such stubbornness! At this point I am quite convinced that no matter how much I would try to convince you, you will read the next paragraph and the one after that. I am astonished to see your determination to get to the end of this page hoping to find something useful. It will be a glorious waste of your time, I am telling you! Good Lord! You are quite persistent!

Well I anticipated that you will continue reading paragraph after paragraph! You will definitely keep on reading another one after this paragraph too. I am totally not sure the motivation behind you still reading this! I have already told you that you won’t get anything from reading this! You will probably curse me for writing this vague post and  wasting your precious time with it. But then I am not the one to blame here. I had cleared this fact in the very beginning that there is nothing special about this post. So this wastage of time is on you! Not me! But as I can see, you are still here! Your eyes are glued to screen, reading my black/white, italicized, bold and underlined words. By now you should have stopped reading!

Even if I write 10 more paragraphs you will end up reading them as well. Won’t you?! Such stubbornness! Still there is time, you can abandon this post, right here and right now. You can always comeback tomorrow for an article with more meaningful content. I am surprised to see your resolve to read to the end. Salutations! I mean you have gone through 3 and half paragraphs of bull shit and still haven’t shown any intention of leaving this post here.

Well you didn’t give up! You didn’t pay attention to my warnings! You stubbornly kept reading it while getting absolutely nothing valuable from it. And now that you have reached the end of this post, I am quite eager to ask your this question:

“What did you get from reading this post?”

I will end it here and hope that this post brought a gentle smile on your face. Not always we need to listen to a comedian to smile. Sometimes small and trivial things can make a smile blossom on our faces. 

Thank You for wasting your precious time on this post and as I see you are still fixated, I won’t add to your misery and I am finally ending this post here. 🙂

Have a Happy Day! Good Bye! 

Auf Wiedersehen! 

(I am learning German 🙂 )

The One with The Back Again

Hey, I am back!

I don’t even remember the time I published my last post. Probably in 2015. Well, last semester, first semester of Second Year was very eventful and time consuming. Met wonderful people, worked hard for things I valued, and then there were academics! Well they certainly did not go my way! 😦  But then as a wise person had said: “Everything happens for a reason”.

Improving from our mistakes is one the greatest qualities found in humans. Not shying away from your failure requires courage and determination. There are 24 hours in a day, and if my maths is right, that is equivalent to 1440 min or 86,400 sec. We have seen this maths done before numerous times, every now and then this calculation pops up and intimidates us! To me it was always just maths, a game of numbers, involving big digits and flashy words! Ha! How quickly life changes! 

Now that this semester is about to start, I am looking towards endless opportunities in front of me along with plethora of hidden expectations from me. Adding to this is a mountain of responsibility on me to start thinking about future. The reminiscence of past, as usual, will always be haunting me as and when it will feel appropriate. But then what is life without its wonderful challenges. I guess it will help me in growing a strong spine and steel nerves! “Take every challenge as opportunity and every opportunity as challenge”- said a wise man or a woman (I don’t really know!).

That calculation I mentioned! There is so much work to do, and some of it is going to be tough. Some times it can get scary, that there is so much to be done and in the end I might absolutely nothing. This is where the calculation comes into picture. All we need to do is manage our time in an optimised way. I would have to prioritize things appropriately. Perhaps, the secret to accomplish anything and everything. I have always admired people who can multi-task efficiently, but there is one secret that I had always overlooked. Even computers, the most efficient multi-taskers on the planet, do one thing at a time. They tend to do it quick then move on to next one, and I have started to admire this method of theirs. But blindly proceeding this way might not get things done in time.  So I developed a trick or more like a “back-door entry to a famous concert”.

Riddles apart, I developed this method of “prioritize and attention”, quite similar to “divide and conquer”. Basically I have started dividing work into two categories, one that needs to be done with precision like writing this post, or one that doesn’t need much attention like watching a movie (The Great Gatsby if you must know! ). Now one way of doing both would be to watch the movie which is 2 hours and 22 mins long and then write the post consuming another 1 hour or so (I am a slow writer :P). Total time taken: 4 hours. Another way of doing would utilize the split window feature of Windows. I will keep the post on left as when we develop cognitive thought or speech we are utilizing our Right hemisphere of brain which controls left eye (hence blog on the left side) and movie towards right which will activate my creative Left hemisphere of brain while watching movie. So now within 2 hr and 22 min, I have successfully composed this post, watched The Great Gatsby (Awesome  cinematography and story by the way) and with time to spare I can watch the climax peacefully. Multi-Tasking done right! ^_^ 

So not stretching this post, its time to shift gears, press the accelerator and storm into future. As they say: “Prepare for the worst and Hope for best”. This semester I have decided to blog a lot more and mainly about “Daily General Topics” that I encounter in my day-to-day life. It will mostly involve experiences, incidents, events, and someone else. 😉 I don’t know if someone will even read this, but if you do, “stay tuned” and “thank you for your precious time”.

Sayonara 🙂