Grey’s Anatomy


Two months ago, when one of my friends recommended me this series, i wasn’t so much interested in seeing it. Since I have opted for Engineering profession, i was pretty sure that this series won’t grab my interest so i kept it on shelf for a few weeks. Also I was afraid of blood and couldn’t watch surgeries for that matter, i was never attracted to any medical oriented tv series. But one night, at around 11:00 P.M. I finished F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and was looking up the internet for a new tv series to start and at the same was browsing my own hard drive to find whether i have to complete any more series or not. Then i came across Grey’s Anatomy and saw that there are only 9 episodes, and decided to watch just one in order to actually see if i can continue or should i delete it! Thus began the journey into the world of surgeons!!

When i started first season, i saw all the 9 episodes in a stretch!! Yes in a stretch!! I was awestruck by the simplicity by which its Creator-Shonda Rhimes depicted the life of surgeons, challenges faced by them, their commitment to their work, obsession with surgeries etc. Aspects which i was completely unaware of before. Many of my friends has decided to take up medicine as field of expertise and possibly most them will go on to become surgeons in one field of speciality or other, and we used to have lengthy arguments about who does a better and productive work- a doctor or an engineer!!

Certainly Grey’s Anatomy levelled the stature of work done by both for me! Profession of Engineering, innovation, technology etc. always inspired me to contribute something in this ever growing field or art, but now seeing the same amount of artwork and creativity in field of medicine, i have more or less become a die-hard fan of doctors!! You might be thinking that what kind of person i was, who didn’t appreciated the work of helpers of god. I accept that, but now i deeply appologize for that and certainly one tv series has completely changed my perspective of life and work!!

So what i like about Grey’s Anatomy?? Here are 5 major things:



Most important thing about success of any tv series is how it is narrated and how its story line progresses! Without a good storyline, now tv series can survive a season, let alone 10 seasons and 11 season continuing! With its ever evolving storyline, beautifully knitted individual stories of each character, without holding back anything on medical ground, Shonda Rhimes has done a very beautiful job in bringing the world of a surgeon infront of people. Constantly introducing and providing information about cutting edge technology and techniques throughout the series, she has developed awareness about medicine and eradicated many mis-believes among the people by depicting truth right in front of their eyes!! Hats off to the lady!!


The way camera and its focus is used in this tv series is brilliant. Right use of focus has helped a lot in creating drama, tention, situations through out this series. Brilliant split-second shifting of focus has always helped viewers to actually think and feel what character is feeling in that situation and help viewers to actually connect with the situation. That is another major reason for success of this series.


These sudden shifts of focus sometimes give chills and helps viewers to maintain their focus on main storyline. This may seem very minor aspect, but believe this has major influence on success of any tv series!!



Now everybody knows that without good character no story can survive. Characters in this series are so meticulously built up that all this seem to happen in real world. There are no made perfect character who would do everything right, or always awesome people in series who wont break down even at the verge of death or any other fairy tale character for that matter. Characters in Grey’s Anatomy are built as per real scenarios, with humanly flaw and their use to develope story line is done accordingly too!! There are no Gods or Goddesses in this series who wont commit any fatal mistake but are real humans! That is why this series is very appealing to everyone!



As the title should suggest that it is all about Meredith Grey and her life, it is not so. I usually get bored of series due to over exposure of single character or couple, only ones fighting in their life while rest all are supporting and helping them! BullShit! Everyone has their problems and their important moments!! Shonda Rhimes has taken that aspect into focus and has focused on life of each and every character in Grey’s Anatomy. Though real main story revolve around Meredith Grey but still other characters are not just puppets in the story. This helped to bind the viewers with the series as with every episode there is some new turn in every character’s life and viewers can’t get enough of their favourite characters, and thus keep returning back to this series every week without ever getting bored!!



Producers and Directors have actually shown how surgeries are done and how intense they can be! This is one aspect of show which keep its viewers to connect to it. As it is primarily a medicine oriented show, not showing such exact replicas of cases and scenarios would mean eventual decline in viewers no. as they won’t have any thing interesting or anything intimidating enough other that cheesy storylines of characters. The portrayal of surgeries is so good and is detailed down to so minute things that I was awestruck!! I have seen several Tv series who lacked in this area and had to discontinue!

So all in all, even though you are haemophobic or find surgeries disgusting or fear them, still you must see this series are it will completely change your perspective and understanding of what actually medicine is!! I recommend to all the readers to at least see first couple of seasons and then you won’t be able to resist watching rest of the seasons!!


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