First Month in College

I am currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering from BITS Pilani and this how my first month was:

First Day

While entering through main gate, I could feel my nerves giving me a shiver. I was too excited and anxious about what would happen in next 4 years. I had some expectations. I was ready to face anything thrown at me with a brave heart. Apart from all that, one thing which I will never forget is the moment of crossing the main gate! It was so overwhelming that such a feeling can’t be put into words. After all the registration formalities were completed, we went for a campus tour. We were not able to cover the whole area, but still it was exhausting enough that I went to sleep at 7:00 PM!!

First Week

I would say it was horrible first week and I am sure that everyone had it the same way. Main reason: we did non-stop exploring! By the end of first week, we all had met our seniors, bought books from them, got wisdom and knowledge about general rituals and slang that need to be followed. Along with that, we started to get the hang of what was there for us in the bag for the current semester. I was busy in figuring out my daily routine (as if I were going to follow it, Pff!). Meeting new people, making new friends was definitely opening us up to the atmosphere of BITS Pilani.

First Month

At the end first month, I got settled in my groove. Just when I was about to assume that life was going to be easy on campus, the nukes were bombarded  in the form of tests, quizzes and assignments! Horror! But to my relief recreational activities like music nights, cultural association nights, friends, sports, etc. saved me from going into dark abyss of emptiness. Basically it kept me distracted from my spineless study! At the end of the first month I had a bunch of friends to hangout with and it was awesome to meet such different yet similar people! Pure fun!

My experience so far has taught me one thing very well:


This place has become a new home for me and without any hesitation I can claim:

 BITS Pilani, Its Magic!



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