Hello World!

Well its the first post, so I might be neglecting some of the etiquette. I am still working on it, don’t worry!. When I first thought about starting a blog, I wasn’t really excited by the idea of writing long articles in formal language. This changed last night when I did little bit of googling, YouTube video surfing  and read a few blogs. It became quite clear that it is not about composing formal articles always. It can be anything- a poem, a story, a tutorial, an article and so. The only necessity is that whatever it is, it has to be original, straight-from-heart and correct (to be interpreted as: “Making Sense”). It is a great medium through which you can let others take a glimpse from your perspective of things!

To sum up, through this blog, I will be sharing my experiences of my daily life. It might be people’s reaction (not in judgmental way), common observation of psychology, and other general thoughts and stories. Occasionally I might add something related to photography or Engineering, because lets face it: Math is cool and Photography is a satisfying experience.  Hope you all will enjoy reading it.

Will see you soon!!

Pro Tip: Always edit your blog before publishing it!


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