First Month in College

First Day

While entering through main gate, i could feel my nerves giving me a shiver, as i was too excited as well as anxious about what would happen to me in next 4 years. I had some expectations and was ready to face anything with a brave heart. Apart from all that, one thing which i won’t ever forget is the passing through the main gate, and finally entering the place where i will be spending next 4 years!! That feeling can’t be put into words, let alone trying to explain that feeling. After all the registration and other formalities were completed, we (me and my family), went for a campus tour. We were not able to cover the whole area, but still touring was exhausting enough that i went to sleep at 7:00 PM!!

First Week

I would say it was horrible first week and i am sure that everyone had it same, because if not, then they didn’t spend their time exploring. Everyone was confused, curious, home-sick, amazed, anxious, some were frustrated, some made quick friends, other had horrible and awkward experiences. By the end of first week, we all had met our seniors, bought books from them, interacted with them, got wisdom and knowledge about general rituals and slang that has to be followed. Above all that, we started to get the hand of what was for us in the bag, for next four years. We were all busy in setting up our time-tables (as if we were going to follow). Some people already started studying, other took it casual and light. Meeting new people, making friends was definitely opening us up to the atmosphere of college

First Month

At the end first month, everyone got settled in their grooves, and everyone thought that life was easy on campus. Just then nuke attacks were launched at us in forms of test, quizzes, assignments and what not! But to our relief recreational activities like music nites, regional nites, lots of friends, sports, fests preparation, saved us from going into abyss of nothingness. Basically it kept us distracted from our spineless study! At the end of first month, we met almost all our seniors in hostel, joined some club or department, or at  least had a bunch of friends  with we can hangout with!!

What my experience so far, has certainly taught me one thing very well: LIFE IS LIKE A MIRROR, WHATEVER YOU SEE IN LIFE IS JUST YOUR REFLECTION!! With the help from seniors we got to know how to survive in college and how to ace our tests with as minimum effort as possible. This place has almost become new home for us. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for upcoming 3 years and 11 months!!



First post

Well its first post, so i may be neglecting some etiquette, but i am still working on it. When first i though about writing a blog, i wasnt so enthusiased by the idea of writing long articles in formal language. Last night i did a small research, read a few blogs, and it was quite clear that it is not about most formal and grammatically correct and content rich articles, but about something new, exciting, orginal, straight-from-heart articles through which you can let others take a glimpse of what it seemed like from your eyes!
In this blog, i will be sharing my experiences of daily life, people’s reaction(not in judgemental way), common psych, and general thoughts and stories. Hope you all enjoy reading it. Will see you soon!! I know this is very small post, but will work on it too!! 😀